Rokhl Kafrissen is a New York-based cultural critic and playwright.

‘All-of-a-Kind Family,’ Time Travel, and Frozen in Time

Rokhl’s Golden City: What decomposing unearthed silent-film stock has to say to Yiddishists


Remembering Homework

Rokhl’s Golden City: Bringing Yiddish children to life, while 1970s New York drops dead


Barney Miller and ‘God of Vengeance’

Rokhl’s Golden City: What 1970s sitcom TV and 1920s Yiddish theater have in common


Rokhl’s Golden City: ‘Yentl’ and ‘Painted Bird’ Edition

In this week’s Yiddish-inflected culture guide, Babs and other sort-of-prohibited, cross-dressing, cross-cultural encounters


Rokhl’s Golden City

Tablet’s new kinda-sorta-weekly column brings you diaspora culture with a Yiddish twist

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