Romy Zipken

Romy Zipken is a writer and editor at Jewcy. Her Twitter feed is @RomyZipken.

Hope and Challenges on World Refugee Day

43.7 million people are currently displaced around the world

Hungary Charges Suspected Nazi War Criminal

98-year-old Laszlo Csatary will finally be tried in court

A Russian-Jewish DIY Sensibility in Brooklyn

Spending the day at Meshugeneh

Montreal’s First Jewish Mayor Arrested for Fraud

It’s been quite a summer for Canadian politicians

For Bourekas, Shape Matters

Israel’s Chief Rabbinate issues confusing new pastry protocol

Daybreak: Shimon Peres’ Big Birthday

Barbra Streisand and Bill Clinton toast Israel’s president on his 90th birthday

Daybreak: Talking About Father’s Day

The latest written written by, for, and about dads

Daybreak: Facebook Gets Hashtags

Everything you need to know about Mark Zuckerberg’s latest move

Playboy Israel’s Australian Cover Model

Talking to 24-year-old Aussie Rachel Parry-Dixon

Singing Along with Yossi Green

The composer played a concert for developmentally disabled Orthodox men

Photojournalist Abigail Heyman Dies at 70

The pioneering feminist photographer published ‘Growing Up Female’ in 1974

The Family Profession

Keith Gessen and Masha Gessen read from their new books at BAM event

Extinct Frog Found in Israel is a Living Fossil

The hula painted frog, discovered in 2011, has no living amphibian relatives

Happy Birthday, Peter Yarrow

The activist and Peter, Paul, and Mary guitarist turns 75 today

Israel Closer to Ultra-Orthodox Conscription

Examining the implications of the fall of the Tal Law

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