Stephanie Butnick

Stephanie Butnick, a senior editor, runs The Scroll, Tablet's news blog.

Israeli Attacked With Stun Gun Outside Paris Synagogue

The 52-year-old man required medical attention but wasn’t seriously injured

Kerry Appeals to Iran for American’s Release

Calls for Robert Levinson’s return to U.S. seven years after his disappearance

The Year’s Big Question: What Does Haman Say?

The Purim parody videos have arrived

Barber Shop Offers Jews Pre-Passover Discount

Washington Heights barber advertises $12 haircuts for Jewish customers

Fiddler on the Roof Heading Back to Broadway

Tradition, Tradition

Jewish Gravestones Destroyed in Poland

Just months after Myslowice residents restored the town’s Jewish cemetery

Did Jews ‘Sell Out Israel’ By Supporting Obama?

Minnesota Republican Michele Bachmann thinks so

Rabbi Arrested on Child Pornography Charge

Samuel Waldman, a teacher at a girls’ seminary, admits obtaining films online

Apply For a Summer Internship at Tablet

We’re hiring a full-time, paid editorial intern

Check Out This Season’s Most Stylish Seder Plate

Isabel Halley’s porcelain and gold plate gets Lena Dunham’s stamp of approval

Clinton Compares Russia to Nazi Germany

Links passports issued to Russians in Crimea to Nazi population transfers

Watch Daniel Gordis Discuss Menachem Begin

The author chats about his new book on the polarizing prime minister tonight

French Jew Beaten on Paris Metro

Assault reportedly carried out by four unidentified Arab men

Obama: Ball in Bibi’s Court on Peace Process

The two leaders had a brief, tense meeting today in Washington, DC

R.L. Stine Wins Lifetime Achievement Award

Goosebumps writer to be honored by Horror Writers Association

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