Stephanie Butnick

Stephanie Butnick, a senior editor, runs The Scroll, Tablet's news blog.

Bomb Plot Suspect Inspired by Magazine

Manhattan-based al-Qaida sympathizer got tips from ‘Inspire’

Daybreak: King of Jordan To Meet Abbas

Plus, clashes in Tahrir Square, Iran’s nuclear timeline, and more in the news

Brinig it On

Lost Books

One for All

Agenda: Sol Lewitt and Talmudic debate in New York, Jonathan Safran Foer reinterpreted in North Carolina, Chagall in Canada, and more

Sundown: Iran Blast Halts Anti-Israel Project

Plus, Marc Jacobs’ spring collection stolen, Shteyngart’s bookshelf, and more

Zeke Tells All

Eldest Emanuel brother pens memoir about his childhood

Piecing the People’s Library Back Together

After police raid, reports of missing and damaged books

That Hitler Youth ‘Do is Back

NYT Trend Alert

The Last Straw

Anne Sinclair said to be considering divorce

Long Distance

Today on Tablet

Indian Summer

Jewish summer camp drilling drama heats up

Daybreak: Action Needed in Gaza, Official Says

Plus, Bloomberg not acting menschy, the Boss in Israel, and more in the news

Jerzy Boy

Lost Books

Criminal Acts

Agenda: “Crime Scene: Europe,” Jascha Heifetz in a new documentary, Def Jam in Atlanta, Jewish life in the Bay Area, Freud vs. Jung in Oslo, and more

Texas Politician Uses His Words, Fails

Should ‘probably’ insert foot in mouth

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