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Stephanie Butnick, a senior editor, runs The Scroll, Tablet's news blog.

Sorry, Silbermann

Lost Books

The Funny Guy

Lost Books

Sundown: Ford’s Travel Angers Syria

Plus, Madoff wants to go to Harvard, Larry David gets a girlfriend, and more

‘Jewish Indiana Jones’ and the Fraud Charges

Menachem Youlus arrested for selling bogus rescued Torahs and pocketing the profits

The Filmmaker’s Mother

Follow-up documentary explores complex mother-daughter relationship

Sundown: DA Requests Judge Drop DSK Case

Plus, Abbas delays elections (again), BHL’s best week ever, and more

Revenge! Jacobs May Replace Galliano at Dior

Jewish designer in talks to take over as creative director

Teacher’s Pet

Lost Books

Is ‘Dirty Dancing’ the Most Jewish Film Ever?

The women of the film, out of the corner, a generation later

Sundown: Bob Turner Ups Photo Caption Ante

Plus, Jews in Indonesia, Law & Order’s DSK episode, and more

Levi Aron’s Interview from Rikers

Admitted murderer says he doesn’t know why he killed lost 8-year-old boy

Dietary Restrictions

Comment of the Week

Zabar’s Lobster Salad Under Fire

Iconic Jewish-owned food store sells trayf, gets it wrong

Slow Down

Today on Tablet

Yiddishist Torn

Lost Books

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