Stephanie Butnick

Stephanie Butnick, a senior editor, runs The Scroll, Tablet's news blog.

Tradition, Tradition

New film explores the limited, limitless legacy of Sholem Aleichem

One Paragraph, A Whole New Experience

Lost Books

Searing Film Explores Jewish Obligations

In ‘Crime after Crime,’ an unexpected hero

Bringing Back Buck

Lost Books

Is Godard’s New Film Anti-Semitic?

‘Film Socialisme’ reflects French filmmaker’s interest in Jews’ significance

Busch League

Lost Books

Sundown: Hamas Refuses Red Cross Request

Plus, teens text on Shabbat, Apple pulls ‘Third Intifada’ app, and more

Return to Rockaway

Documentary shows iconic bungalows, then and now

Falling Star

Lost Books

Fannie, Forgotten

Lost Books

Daybreak: U.S. Attempts to Restart Mideast Peace Talks

Plus, Israel and Syria dispute border clashes, and more in the news

Experts Agree: Jewish Cuisine Is Cool

James Beard-certified foodies confirm what we already knew

Sundown: Iron Dome Successfully Intercepts Rocket

Plus another flotilla planned, a Goldstone primer, and more

Shoes You Can Use (If You Can Wear Them)

Israeli designer Kobi Levi cobbles together a distinctive look

Judy Blume: Still Awesome

And still totally getting you

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