Sara Ivry

Sara Ivry is the host of Vox Tablet, Tablet Magazine's weekly podcast. Follow her on Twitter @saraivry.

Meat Up

David Sax celebrates the wonders of rolled beef, tongue, and other deli treats

Bringing Back the Sexy

Annette Ezekiel Kogan tells all about punk-klezmer band Golem’s latest album

Isn’t He Romantic

Uncovering the lost works of Felix Mendelssohn

Her Body, Her Self

What it meant for one person, born male, to become a woman

Intimate Stranger

A young poet’s journey on the island of Djerba

Soldier’s Story

An animated investigation of war

Bel Canto

Composer Yotam Haber finds inspiration in a dusty Roman archive

Nearer to Me Than Thee

Notes on Bob Dylan fandom

Birds of a Feather

Jews dominated the once-booming ostrich feather business. A historian finds out why.

High Fidelity

Josh Kun finds forgotten treasures in old, discarded LPs

Dancing in the Street

Celebrating Jerusalem hip-hop with Coolooloosh

Mediterranean Melodies

La Mar Enfortuna reinterprets the music of the Sephardic diaspora

Politics of the Everyday

Novelist Yael Hedaya explores the daily struggles of modern Israelis

Paradise Lost

Ariel Sabar searches for the Edenic past his father left behind in Kurdistan

Land of Plenty

Dining out in Israel with food aficionado Janna Gur

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