Sara Ivry

Sara Ivry is the host of Vox Tablet, Tablet Magazine's weekly podcast. Follow her on Twitter @saraivry.

Sketches of Spain

Marcel Cohen’s Ladino lament. Plus: an excerpt from his letter to Antonio Saura.

Halves and Halve-Nots

Laurel Snyder reclaims her split identity

Writer Resurrected

Yoram Kaniuk on his battles for health and recognition

Radical Roots

Why the Yiddish workers’ movement was an American phenomenon

Beats Without Borders

Balkan Beat Box’s diaspora mix

Barbie, Daughter of Ruth

Tiffany Shlain reaches back to the Pleistocene era to explain assimilation in America

All the Rage

VH1′s So Jewtastic is a case of the lady who doth protest too much

Road Map

A riddle for the Israeli filmmaker Amos Gitai

The Good Doctor

Examining Maimonides with Sherwin Nuland

The Love Above

Faith-based acting taken to new heights

Town and Country

Hillel Halkin tries to untangle the roots of his adopted hometown

A Very Special Special

VH1 gathers musical has-beens for a Seder that rocks (sort of)

Geek Love

Todd Solondz’s latest bestiary of the dispossessed

Dogs and Monsters

Shalom Auslander writes his way out of misery, latching on to a comic tradition he traces from Beckett to the National Lampoon.

Stranger to Fiction

Wendy Shalit wrongfully accuses authors of misrepresenting the Orthodox

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