Sara Ivry

Sara Ivry is the host of Vox Tablet, Tablet Magazine's weekly podcast. Follow her on Twitter @saraivry.

The Good Doctor

Examining Maimonides with Sherwin Nuland

The Love Above

Faith-based acting taken to new heights

Town and Country

Hillel Halkin tries to untangle the roots of his adopted hometown

A Very Special Special

VH1 gathers musical has-beens for a Seder that rocks (sort of)

Geek Love

Todd Solondz’s latest bestiary of the dispossessed

Dogs and Monsters

Shalom Auslander writes his way out of misery, latching on to a comic tradition he traces from Beckett to the National Lampoon.

Stranger to Fiction

Wendy Shalit wrongfully accuses authors of misrepresenting the Orthodox

Same Old Stories

Tired headlines set the scene for Eytan Fox’s Walk on Water

Ritual Habitual

For Jennifer Traig, mixing milk and meat could have brought on the end of the world. What happens when custom becomes compulsion?

Billy Sunday

A comedian wears out his the boychik routine

Parent Trap

Better embarrassing than inflexible

The Mating Game

When is a compliment not really a compliment? When it’s a cultural stereotype.

Precious Objects

An experimental musical about the Rosenbachs celebrates their love affair with book dealing

Play Ball?

For the tortured club of Red Sox fans, a final match-up against the Bronx hegemon begets theological questions

Bendel Brief

What a simple red string says about our fears and dreams

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