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Unfriendly Ghosts

Haunt a Hungarian Holocaust survivor in a new film

A Graphic Take on ‘Genesis’

From Robert Crumb, with a little help from Robert Alter

‘Israel’ Is Wrong

‘Times’ blog runs corrections, complaints about ‘Israel Is Real’

God Is Still a Woman, Even Older

Says rabbi who gave famous 1990 sermon

British Novel About Aging Lithuanian-Born Jew

Adam Thirlwell’s latest gets mixed reaction

Look, Jews in Baseball!

Fourteen in the majors this year, as columnists continually remind us

Ang Lee Takes Woodstock

With the help of a Jewish, gay protagonist

Better Living Through Cycling

Orthodox man tries to get Satmars to bike

Dead Sea Could Be a New Wonder

Except that humans are destroying it

Is Obama Circumcised?

The latest question from the nutty ‘birther’ movement

Israeli Town Offers Prize for Mermaid Photo

So Brooklyn group sues

Henry Waxman Noshes With ‘New Yorker’

Hits 2nd Avenue Deli, makes dumb joke

Israelis Turn Beatboxer Pro

Even if Hebrew-language skills still elude him

Jewish Boxer Is Contender, Scholar

He’s got a title fight lined up, and he’s studying to be a rabbi

Jacob Two-Two

Makes a comeback, courtesy of another Canadian

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