Sara Ivry

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George Washington’s Mitzvah

When to stand up, according to Washington, Obama, and the Talmud

Get on the Mic!

Check our rhymin’ skillz

You’ve Gone Too Far, Baby

IDF rabbi raises hackles of female soldiers

Those Were the Days

An appreciation of Norman Lear

Brian, Resurrected

And other comedy news from the U.K.

Woody Allen’s Rarified Palate

Leaves the director clueless about a lot

Michael Jackson, z”l

Notes on the passing of a star

Treasure in the Attic

British man plum forgot where he stored stepfather’s art works

Paging Mulva!

Jason Alexander sees Middle East peace through non-sectarian comedy

Britney, Survivor

Pop-star Spears in talks for a Holocaust movie

Yids, Defined

Malaysian paper offers guide to everyday slurs, inexplicably

‘W’ Spread for L.A. Iranian Jews

Filthy rich, and unfortunately timed

Palestinian Authority Speaks Hebrew

On new news-service website

Wiesel: No to Egyptian at UNESCO

‘Burn these books,’ candidate once said of Hebrew works

Israeli M.K. Wants Book Bailout

Plan to freeze prices

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