Stacey Menchel Kussell is a culture writer who frequently covers Israeli contemporary dance.

From Aden to Jerusalem to Los Angeles to Harvard to Tel Aviv, the Genius of American-born Israeli Choreographer Barak Marshall

Heir to a great dance heritage, the Mizrahi artist is not afraid to tell stories. A production of his ‘Monger’ opens tonight in Los Angeles.


The Architect and the Hit Man Meet in Itzik Galili

The Israeli choreographer’s signature neoclassical style on view in two new pieces, ‘Mono Lisa’ and ‘Man of the Hour’


Hofesh Schecter Makes ‘Fiddler’ Dance

The Israeli choreographer behind the acclaimed new Broadway revival updates the peasant vibe of an American classic


Lord Gaga of Batsheva

Israeli choreographer Ohad Naharin’s new language of modern dance


Dancing Like Arabs

Native cultural mix inspires work by Israeli choreographers Zvi Gotheiner and Hofesh Schechter


Moving Pieces

Innovative Israeli choreographers redefine the language of contemporary dance in a pair of contrasting shows in the United States

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