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Survival Instinct

In Assaf Gavron’s new novel, an apathetic Israeli and an introspective Palestinian are on a collision course

Animal Planet

Yann Martel’s new novel features a donkey, a monkey, taxidermy, and a Holocaust allegory

Art Market

Graphic novelist James Sturm turns his attention to a struggling Eastern European rug maker

Ask, Don’t Tell

A father’s reflections on teaching his son the Four Questions

Day of Rest

Judith Shulevitz’s new book considers the Sabbath throughout the ages and in her own life

Hearts and Minds

When Chabad arrived in an upscale Tel Aviv neighborhood, its liberal residents didn’t respond with open arms

Man Out of Time

Discussing ‘The Frozen Rabbi’ with author Steve Stern, who’s stuck in the Jewish past

Fugging Around

At 86, blind and housebound, Fugs frontman Tuli Kupferberg is still dispensing crass words of wisdom

Life of a Poet

Yehuda Halevi’s 12th-century Hebrew poems still speak to biographer Hillel Halkin

French Connections

Arab-Jewish relations in a tense Paris neighborhood

Still Lives

Newly discovered photographs shed light on daily existence in the Pale of Settlement

Beyond Goulash

A hungry reporter samples the hearty cuisine of Jewish Budapest

Talking Shop

A philosopher and a professional schmoozer discuss the art of conversation

Free Thinkers

How Europe’s 19th and early 20th century Jews changed everything

Family Singalong

Jewish music you and your kids can both tolerate

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