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Family Singalong

Jewish music you and your kids can both tolerate

Hanukkah Alegre!

A Ladino conversation group gathers for festivities

Eight Days of Hanukkah

A holiday song for the ages

Blessed Bluegrass

An Orthodox musician’s unorthodox music

Being Jewish

David Gelernter, a computer scientist and observant Jew, wants his co-religionists to get holy

The Negotiator

Stephen P. Cohen weighs in on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Home Away From Home

A new documentary chronicles the end of the road for Holocaust survivors’ Catskills bungalow colony

In Training

Boxer Yuri Foreman is about to fight for the middleweight title. He’s also studying to be a rabbi.

Female Trouble

Alicia Jo Rabins writes indie rock ballads about biblical bad girls

Woman of Mystery

Author Benjamin Moser explores the enigmatic life of Brazilian writer Clarice Lispector

Race Relations

Freud and his theories on the inheritance of Jewishness

Her Body, Her Self

From the archives: How a poet made the transition from man to woman

Facing the Music

David Lehman, author of ‘A Fine Romance,’ offers insights into the American songbook

Sub-Saharan Shabbat

Meet the first-generation Jews of Ghana

A Frank Reader

Francine Prose on Anne Frank’s overlooked abilities as a writer

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