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Vox Tablet is Tablet Magazine's weekly podcast, hosted by Sara Ivry and produced by Julie Subrin. You can listen to individual episodes here or subscribe on iTunes.

End of an Era

How a murder by a British major helped end the British Mandate in Palestine

Holy Rollers

Israel’s best-selling rock musicians draw freely from the liturgy

A Bronx Tale

Following the trail of the Grand Concourse from premier address to place of ruin

Mob Scene

Mafia tales from one of Israel’s roughest neighborhoods

Under a Tuscan Sun

A debut novelist talks about love and tomatoes

Behind the Music

Janice Erlbaum tells the story of an old Yiddish song and modern-day sex workers


Remembering Harvey Kurtzman, the genius behind MAD Magazine

The Queens of Bollywood

When Jewish women were the leading ladies of Indian cinema

Oral Tradition

Yiddish radio was booming in the 1930s and ’40s. A scholar looks back.

Bloomsday Meets Second Avenue

Caraid O’Brien is a Ulysses performer and Yiddish-theater translator

Introducing Vox Tablet

Prying Eyes

A klezmer musician turns her grandmother’s FBI files into musical theater

Ocho Kandelikas

From the archives: Flory Jagoda’s popular holiday song has its roots in a Bosnian village

The Things We Carry

What happens when your inheritance includes a life-threatening genetic mutation?

Goat Days

One man’s dispatches from the New Jewish Food Movement

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