Yaacov Lozowick is Israel's State Archivist. A historian and writer, he was previously the archives director at Yad Vashem. Follow the Israeli National Archives on Twitter at @IsraelArchives.

Breaking: Israeli Security Cabinet Secret Transcripts Part II, The Accidental Occupation

Fifty years after the Six-Day War, newly unsealed classified documents reveal Israeli leaders discussing what to do with the Arabs in Jerusalem and the West Bank, debating how to manage diplomacy with Egypt and Syria, and neglecting to realize the extent of the conundrum they were leaving for us to solve.


Breaking News: The Secret Transcripts of the Six-Day War, Part I

Newly unsealed classified documents reveal: Jerusalem conquered almost by accident; Israel’s National Religious Party, forerunner to the settler movement, lobbied for military de-escalation at every turn; and nobody in Israel’s security cabinet seems to have seen the country’s most momentous war coming.


Secrets From Israel’s Archives

How did Menachem Begin’s Cabinet handle the truth about the Sabra and Shatila massacre? Here are the transcripts.

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