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The Indecipherable Voynich Manuscript Is Getting Cloned

And you can soon buy a copy for, like, $8000, if you’re lucky


Esther Jungreis, Founder of Hineni Movement, Dies at 80

A Holocaust survivor and Jewish outreach pioneer, Jungreis believed secularization was a form of assimilation


Sondheim Has Written the First Act of His New Musical

In a ‘top secret’ meeting at The Public Theater in New York, the legendary composer played ‘gorgeous’ music for a star-studded cast


‘You Have to Decide Whether or Not You Want to Be Part of the Bigotry That Is Donald Trump’

‘New York Times’ columnist Charles M. Blow did not mince his words with Trump’s National Diversity Coalition director Bruce LeVell during a segment on CNN


Assad’s ‘Machinery of Cruel Death’

Amnesty International’s report about the regime’s prison system, in which 17,723 people have reportedly died, is jaw-dropping. So why has the Syrian Civil War lost much of it political resonance?


A George Soros-Funded Palestinian Media Outlet Runs Anti-Semitic Article Series

Soros’s Open Society Foundations has reprimanded the organization, and the pieces were taken down by the outlet without a correction or apology

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Will Donald Trump’s Data-Analytics Company Allow Russia to Access Research on U.S. Citizens?

Tracing the suspicious-looking, and messy, ties between a Ukrainian oligarch, an elections-information firm, and the GOP candidate’s former campaign manager


The Problem Isn’t Black Lives Matter. It’s the Occupation.

How Jewish criticism of the rights group reflects our own moral confusion about the last 50 years of Israeli politics


West of Eden: Trump, Race, and Jewish Republicans

What Californians Roger Simon and David Horowitz see in the GOP nominee—and how it reflects deeper veins of Jewish assimilation in America


Black Lives Matter to Israel, Not So Much to Its Racist Critics

Care about black—and gay and transgender and female—lives? Give them guns and train them well, just like the IDF does.


The Mystery of Trump, Partially Explained

Reaping the withered crop from journalism’s long drought


Exclusive: The Druze Minister in Charge of Bibi’s Secret Outreach to Arab States Speaks

Ayoob Kara advocates for a combination of Israeli military deterrence and economic fortitude to sway Arab neighbors

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Killing Reinhard Heydrich

The harrowing new film ‘Anthropoid’ analyzes the cost-benefit equation of the only successful assassination of a Nazi leader in World War II


Is It Time to Take the Most-Published Man in Human History Seriously?

A new biography of Jacob Neusner examines his ‘complicated, colorful, and unappreciated intellectual life’


Shai Tsabari Storms the Heavens, From Bat Yam to New York

The Israeli singer, with his Middle East Groove All Stars, is worth catching in performance on a rare U.S. trip this week


‘Stranger Things,’ a Show of Faith

The new Netflix hit is a serious meditation on doubt, belief, and the perils of growing up


Going to Vancouver

In an excerpt from ‘Meant To Be,’ the founder of the Simon Wiesenthal Center and its Museum of Tolerance remembers growing up on the Lower East Side


Talking ‘Bout My Generation

This week on Unorthodox, 20-year-old twins David and Jack Cahn school us on Millennials, and Hare Krishna musician Gaura Vani teaches us a Kirtan chant

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What Keeps Me Warm

How an afghan helps me stay connected to the grandmother I lost more than a decade ago


The Tart That Went Around the World

How to make a raspberry-filled Polish dessert that’s journeyed across international borders


The Ga-Ga Saga

The game is a staple of Jewish summer camps. But where did it come from?


How a Seattle Synagogue Made News by Hiring a New Custodian

When Japanese immigrant Eddie Otsuka was released from an internment camp in 1945, nobody would hire him—except one rabbi who saw parallels in their personal plights


How Jewish Camps Welcome LGBTQ Kids—and How They Don’t

Times are changing. Are our sleepaway camps changing with them?


The Parent Trap

On a special episode of Unorthodox, Marjorie Ingall and Rav Danya Ruttenberg discuss their new books on Jewish parenting