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The Queen of Miami Beach Jews

Ruth Shack, a champion of the arts who sponsored of the 1977 Human Rights Ordinance to prohibit discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, was recently fêted in Miami


Down to Clown

The stars of ‘Broad City’ are upending—and redefining—what it means to be a Jewish woman in charge of her own sexuality


Can You Feel the Love Tonight? Kinda? Free Food!

Here’s a Jewy questionnaire to make your awkward Valentine’s Day date even awkwarder and Jewier


Judaism—On Background

Bernie Sanders’s Jewish heritage should be an outward source of pride, but the would-be president—and the mainstream media—continue to keep his roots mostly hidden from view. This hurts.


Bernie Sanders, the Rebbe, and One Big Menorah in Vermont

Chabad has published details about Sanders’s support for public menorahs in Burlington, Vermont, and his correspondences with Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson

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The Green Line on the Label

How a U.S. Senator’s fight against labeling Israeli settlement products is actually a gift to the BDS movement


How Rabbi Ovadia Yosef’s Daughter, Adina Bar Shalom, Became Israel’s Leading Ultra-Orthodox Iconoclast

The Israel Prize-winning educator, activist, and former seamstress seeks to integrate secular and religious lives for a new generation of Haredi men and women


Triumphalist Religiosity: The Unanticipated Problem of the 21st Century

Why the key to the great civilizational clash of our time is understanding faithful people of all religions who must dominate non-believers to uphold their own truth


How Malaysia Became One of the Most Anti-Semitic Countries on Earth

Dispatch from the majority-Muslim Southeast Asian nation, where scapegoats have been in high demand lately


The ‘Washington Post’ Pulls Out of Iran, While the ‘New York Times’ Cashes In

Just as reporter Jason Rezaian was freed from two years in captivity, the paper of record was selling luxury tours to Tehran. Why?


America Makes a U-Turn in the Middle East

Obama’s long game is a complete restructuring of the balance of power in the region—but with what results?

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Before ‘The X-Files,’ There Was ‘Kolchak: The Night Stalker’

In 1974, the show that inspired Scully and Mulder delivered one of the most jarring depictions of anti-Semitic persecution ever broadcast on TV


Hofesh Schecter Makes ‘Fiddler’ Dance

The Israeli choreographer behind the acclaimed new Broadway revival updates the peasant vibe of an American classic


Why Sayed Kashua Is Every ‘Ha’aretz’ Reader’s Favorite Ex-Israeli Arab

The writer’s new collection of personal essays and newspaper columns will make you laugh until you cry


‘Angie Tribeca’ Is the Best Show You’re Not Yet Watching

A tribute to the great Zucker-Abrahams comedies of the 1980s and 1990s, it is easily among the most Jewish things on TV


Hannah (Montana) and Her Sisters

This week on Unorthodox: Word maven Lizzie Skurnick wants to know your favorite expression, and writer Bill Schulz says he inspired the worst character in ‘Trainwreck’


The Saddlemaker, the Schindler, and the Miller of Wlodowa

Golems, messiahs, tradesmen, Nazis, and townspeople converge in the story collection ‘In the Land of Armadillos’

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Unorthodox, Unorthodox, Make Me a Match

On a special Valentine’s Day episode, we talk to ‘Odd Mom Out’ creator and star Jill Kargman, and dating coach Nancy Slotnick helps us play yenta for a lucky listener


My Last JDate

A three-part story of love, loss, and all the music in between. Part III: ‘It’s an open wound, Mom, it’s going to take time. That’s what you’d be telling me, right?’


Finders Keepers, Inferior Land for Wedded Bliss, and Other Property Matters

‘Daf Yomi’ zig-zags from impure wine to the Talmud’s apocryphal reasoning for the destruction of the Temple


Both Sides Now

A recent visit from an old friend left us both wondering about the choices we made about family and career


Super Bowl Sunday: The Forgotten Jewish Holiday

It’s like Rosh Hashanah for football fans. Or is it like Passover? Whatever it is, it’s something familiar for Jews.


Talmud: We Don’t Negotiate With Terrorists

This week’s ‘Daf Yomi’ features captives, kidnappers, and extortionists; ransom, escape, and stonings—and black magic