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When Populists Have a Point

Many knee-jerk criticisms misconstrued Donald Trump’s comments about ‘last night in Sweden.’ The Scandinavian country has its own set of problems related to immigration and crime.


New York Governor Announces New Initiatives to Fight ‘Explosion’ of Hate Crimes, Anti-Semitism

Andrew Cuomo: ‘There is no place for hate or discrimination or bigotry in New York’


Paying it Forward—With Chocolate

An East Village confectionery has a ‘Mitzvah Wall,’ where people buy sweets for strangers who are having a hard time in life


The Chosen Ones: An Interview With Michael Krasny

The talk show host and author on Jewish humor, growing up in Cleveland, and drinking cosmos. (Plus, lots and lots of jokes.)


Yiddish Opera To Premiere in Havana

‘Hatuey: Memory of Fire,’ written by composer Frank London of the Klezmatics, tells the story of a Ukrainian refugee who falls in love with a revolutionary Taíno singer


Orthodox Jewish Hedge-Fund Exec Suspended Without Pay for Publicly Criticizing His Trump Mega-Donor Boss

David Magerman, a top patron of Philadelphia’s Jewish schools and institutions, was punished for criticizing his employer, Robert Mercer

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Donald Trump, America’s First Middle Eastern President

To avoid our own failed ‘American Spring,’ learn the region’s lessons about effective opposition


Is the Shoah Memorial in Paris Home to a Racist?

The troubling case of Holocaust historian Georges Bensoussan, on trial for ‘incitement to racial hatred,’ pits French anti-racists against anti-anti-Semites


Wayne Barrett, Donald Trump, and the Death of the American Press

How did we get from ‘Village Voice’ reporters digging up everything there is to know about a flashy New York real estate salesman to not knowing anything about the President of the United States and his ties to Russia?


Homage to the Mexicans in the Time of Trump

The wall will go up, separating ourselves from our own past


An Open Letter to the Writer of the Open Letter to Robert Kraft

On the Super Bowl-winning owner of the New England Patriots, dining companion of the president, and ‘Trump Derangement Syndrome’


Fabien Clain and the Origins of Islamist Terror in France

Six Years of Syrian Civil War: A French citizen who disappeared into the wreckage of Assad’s state now sends operatives home to fight a brutal war with the West

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Stand-Up Lit From Israeli Fiction’s Mr. Sobriety

David Grossman’s protagonist takes the mic for some Rothian self-loathing, in the ‘raucous’ new novel ‘A Horse Walks Into a Bar’


And the Oscar Goes To…

Episode 79: The Hollywood Reporter’s Scott Feinberg predicts the Academy Award winners, and cookbook author Molly Yeh preps for Purim with sprinkle-filled hamantaschen


Israeli Immigration Thriller Becomes Global Sensation

Ayelet Gundar-Goshen’s suspenseful new ‘Waking Lions’ turns the fateful collision of an Israeli doctor and an African immigrant into an indictment of surging nationalism


The Five Books of Donald: A Jewish Reading List to Beat Your Trump Anxiety

Tired of ominous news updates and social media outrage? Here are classic Jewish texts to help revive the spirit and soothe the soul


4 3 2 1: A Novel by Paul Auster

From Tablet’s print magazine: the late 1960s and all their Jewish rebelliousness, in an ‘energetic’ new fiction full of alternate realities


American Noir for the Age of Trump

Darkness! Angst! Paranoia! In the terrified films of the 1940s and ’50s, written and directed by Jewish refugees, hidden dangers lurk where hell is no longer a fantasy, where what’s false is true, and what’s wrong is even wronger.

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The Rise of Halal-Certified Food

Mirroring a model set decades ago to certify kosher products, American Muslims witness the growth of the ‘Muslim hekhsher


What My Cabbie Taught Me

In Jerusalem, I developed an unlikely friendship with a taxi driver. I owe him much more than what’s on the meter.


My Sephardic Inheritance: a Spoonful of Salt, a Spoonful of Sugar

What a family heirloom taught me about my ancestors, and the mysterious parts of my Jewish history


Bed Certain

Herb Foster no longer works as an educator. So he teaches the Martha’s Vineyard elderly how to have better sex lives.


Talmud to Betsy DeVos: Yes, We Need Public Schools

In this week’s ‘Daf Yomi,’ rabbinical thinking on the relationship of public goods and private obligations explains the advantages of universal education accessible to all


A Rebbe for Our Time

A new book reminds us why Menachem Schneerson’s genius for community is more vital today than ever