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The Chosen Ones: An Interview with Jessica Chastain

The actress talks about feminism, being an honorary Jew, and learning krav maga


What HBO’s ‘Big Little Lies’ Can Teach the Jewish Community About Domestic Abuse

The show’s groundbreaking portrayal of abuse among the upscale punctures a damaging myth


From The Unofficial Hogwarts Haggadah: What Harry Potter and Passover Teach Us About Wealth and Class

For both Rowling and the rabbis, our relationship to wealth—not our accumulation of it—is what determines our moral merit


Yes, the Jew Who Called in Bomb Threats Was Anti-Semitic

Being Jewish doesn’t immunize a person from being anti-Semitic. It just fuses their bigotry with betrayal.


Richard Gere’s Hebron Surprise

Actor makes poor historical analogy, reality responds

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David Rothenberg’s Fortune

A former Broadway publicist dedicates his life to helping ex-convicts find their way after prison


The Dark Centennial of the Russian Revolution

What would have happened if the Mensheviks had come to power in Russia, instead of the Bolsheviks, 100 years ago? America gives us a clue.


Will Obama’s Foreign Policy Wizards Save Trump?

The new president’s approach to Iran, Syria, and Israel looks a lot like the old president’s—because the same people are implementing it


Hungary’s Ugly State-Sponsored Holocaust Revisionism

Does it matter if a country consciously lies about its past? An excerpt from the new book, ‘The End of Europe.’


The Counterrevolution

At the end of 50 years of modern liberal revolution, fear of an unknown new order propels authoritarian nationalists with a disheartening message to women and other beneficiaries of social progress


Inside a Muslim Ghetto

Dispatch from Aung Mingalar, Myanmar, where more than 4,000 Rohingya live separated, just across the road, from the rest of the city

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Bear Mitzvah in Meshugahland

The Jewish Museum hosts Charlemagne Palestine’s cuddly, mystical, delightful installation art


Is Evidence from a War-Crimes Tribunal Art?

A confusing and challenging show of Henryk Ross’s Lodz Ghetto images opens this weekend at the MFA Boston


Glasnost Ceiling

Episode 83: Novelist Sana Krasikov and political strategist Patrick Ruffini


Yakov Smirnoff Brings Reagan-Era Optimism to the Age of Trump

Investigation reveals the hardest working post-Soviet comic has clear ties to Russia and direct connection to a president. America, what a country.


A Graphic Account of a Soviet Daughter

Julia Alekseyeva’s moving tale of her great-grandmother, a Russian refugee, and the perils and promises of idealism


The History of a Karaite Rabbi in Eastern Europe

The story of Simhah Isaac Lutski helps explain how Karaite Jews retained their communal and doctrinal coherence amid other competing, more ‘European’ forms of Judaism

Life & Religion

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On Being Prepared

How I found myself—and my Jewish identity—in the woods of Tennessee


Tales of Tragedy: My Inheritance As the Grandson of Survivors

When I tried to hold my newborn daughter, my grandparents’ Holocaust stories stopped me cold


The Law of the Kingdom, or the Law of the Jews?

In this week’s ‘Daf Yomi’ Talmud study, the rabbis debate whether Jews owe anything to gentiles, when it comes to property rights


Are Jews at Risk for Parkinson’s Disease?

There’s new research into what was once called ‘the shaking palsy’


When Life Really Was a Cabaret—and Cabaret Was a Life

An evening of Jewishly inflected, queer songs brings Weimar Germany back to life with humor and music


Does the Talmud Legalize Squatting?

In this week’s ‘Daf Yomi,’ putting limits on property rights