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What We Can Learn From Israel’s Involvement in an Azeri-Armenian Skirmish

An Azeri defense plane recently landed in Israel according to a Haaretz report, providing a window into the Jewish State’s foreign policy strengths


The Anti-Semitism Scandal Engulfing the Labour Party Was Entirely Predictable

The suspension of two prominent Labour officials this week over anti-Jewish prejudice is the ugly culmination of long-festering trends


Instagram of the Week: ‘Hot Dudes and Hummus’ in Israel

A group of Israeli college students are using social media to bolster Israel’s image, to make it, er, yummier


Companies Run Scared as Anti-BDS Laws Take Effect

As state legislations kick in, corporations rush to disavow anti-Israeli bigotry


Turn Up For What? The Omer.

One restriction while counting the Omer is listening to instrumental or live music. So quench your aural thirst by enjoying these a capella faves.

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Free Agents

This week on Unorthodox, ‘The Bridge Ladies’ Author Betsy Lerner and CNN political reporter Nia-Malika Henderson


Why Bashar al-Assad, the ‘Teflon Don’ of the Middle East, Can’t Be Touched

Barack Obama’s Syrian endgame and the new alliances that are shaping it


Bernie Sanders’ Jewish Problem, and Ours

It’s ‘good Jew’ vs. ‘bad Jew’ in the hyper-politicized moral arena of American Jewry and Zionism


Regaining Jerusalem

Jewish slaveowners celebrate Passover in 17th-century Suriname


The Jewish Plot To Kill Hitler

How the FBI prevented Jewish American gangsters from altering the course of history in 1933


Is Syrian Intelligence Working With ISIS in Europe?

An Interview With Abdul Halim Khaddam, the former Vice President and Foreign Minister of Syria

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Memories of Our Lost Soviet Youth

This May Day, a Jewish Refusenik looks back on the Spring of 1985


A Masterful Account of Humiliation and Despair

Robert F. Worth’s ‘A Rage for Order’ brings the broad disappointments of the Arab Spring to the human level


A Brilliant Magpie

The new documentary ‘Eva Hesse,’ opening this week, explores the too short, too beautiful life of an art heroine


Hey, Mister DJ: Put a (Diaspora-Blending, Genre-Bending) Record On

Booty-shaking new music from A-Wa, Sandaraa, and Schizophonia


Amelia Lanyer, the First Female Jewish English Poet and Shakespeare’s Dark Lady?

On the 400th anniversary of the playwright’s death, drawing back into the light the talented woman who may have inspired some sonnets and The Merchant of Venice


A Holiday Fable

Tablet Original Fiction for Passover, from the master of black humor: Evicted from Teaneck, what exodus awaits?

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The Paradox of Secular Judaism

Secular Jews, from Ber Borochov to ‘Broad City,’ lambast tradition but never stray far from the source


Children’s Books and Censorship

Can we live in a free and open society while also protecting kids from ideas that offend us?


Crime and Punishment and Punishment and Punishment

The Talmudic system of laws assumes the adherent is eager to learn how to follow God’s commandment, not why to follow it—and that he has faith in an otherworldly justice not necessarily reflected in this life


Thank God for the Haggadah, the Ultimate Non-PC Story

For a generation trained in moral relativism, there’s nothing like a strong tale of faith, fight, and freedom


Rediscovering a Lost Children’s Classic for Passover

‘The Animated Haggadah’ was a staple for day school students in the 1980s and ’90s—and then nearly vanished. How does it hold up, 30 years after its release?


Irish Spring

Unorthodox preps for Passover with OMGWTFBIBLE host David Tuchman, and gets schooled by Irish journalist Maitiú Ó Coimin