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Trump Adviser Retweets Anti-Semitic Remark, Calls it a ‘Mistake’

It seems Michael Flynn, once considered a vice presidential candidate, is still learning how to use Twitter


Why I Struggle To Observe The Three Weeks

A writer finds it challenging to commemorate the period between the Seventeenth of Tammuz and Tisha B’Av, a period of mourning known as The Three Weeks


Alex Bregman Can Do It All

Is Houston Astros prospect Alex Bregman the next Hank Greenberg? We’ll know soon enough.


Making the Anti-Assad Case in Washington

The Syrian American Council operates in a challenging political climate, as civil war rages on in Syria, and attention to the crisis flags in the U.S.


The Summer Olympics Couldn’t Come Any Sooner

Aly Raisman’s hair preparation routine—and her impending performance at the Rio Olympics—is the distraction we all need from these Trumpian times


Argentine Federal Judge Wants Iran’s Former Foreign Minister Arrested Over 1994 AMIA Bombing

A federal judge has requested Malaysia and Singapore extradite Alí Akbar Velayati, who is an adviser to Ayatollah Khamenei

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The Revolt of the Banana Republicans

The travesty that unfolded in Cleveland


Two States, One Homeland: The Promised Land of Isra-stine?

Eliaz Cohen believes one way to break the one-state/two-state dichotomy might be to combine them, in an attempt to avoid ‘righting a wrong’ by creating another wrong


Ukrainian Holocaust Perpetrators Are Being Honored in Place of Their Victims

75 years after a little-known massacre, another memorial in Eastern Europe is erected to obfuscate the history of World War II


Panic in Cleveland, Gay Pride in Jerusalem

Returning to the scene of last year’s hate-motivated stabbing, as the Holy City again celebrates all forms of sexuality and gender


The New Defeatist Chic

In ‘The New Yorker,’ George Packer advocates a fashionable do-nothing approach to terrorism. That’s dead wrong.


Weimar Germany and Donald Trump

How traditional and radical conservatives come to speak a common political language—that ultimately benefits the extremists

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Woody Allen’s Biographer Tells All

Id meet ego. Ego, id. The celebrated, controversial, highly self-aware filmmaker’s new ‘Café Society’ is about himself—but who is that?


A Holy Fool

Tablet Original Fiction: A Jewish heretic wants to read—literature


A Memoir of Jewish Camp From Somebody Who Never Attended

‘I thought I knew something about what being Jewish means. Then my wife and I started looking into summer camps for our son.’


Help, I’m a Prisoner in a Brain Lab

Alan Mittleman’s new study of Jewish philosophy ‘boils Bible stories and brain science into the message that there’s something holy in everything and everyone’—but can reason and faith coexist?


Do We Really Want To Be Members of a Tribe?

Sebastian Junger’s fascinatingly wrong-headed ‘Tribe: on Homecoming and Belonging’


Rock ’N’ Roll All Night

This week on Unorthodox, Miss Hitler 2016, plus writer and ‘domestic first responder’ Christopher Noxon and rock critic Jim Derogatis

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In Wine, Truth

A postcard leads to a discovery of a Jewish family’s lost vineyard in Hungary


Kobayashi Maru

What ‘Star Trek’ can teach us about no-win situations


The Hot Seat

This week on Unorthodox: ‘Employee of the Month’ host Catie Lazarus and pastor Scott Jones, plus NFL Twitter drama


Go East, Young Non-Jews!

Birthright Israel inspires other countries to launch diaspora trips


Tied Up in Knots Over a Goring Ox

In this week’s ‘Daf Yomi,’ the Talmud tries to make sense of an incoherent Biblical law about awarding damages


What’s Your Beef?

A new lawsuit challenges Israeli rules for kosher meat, calling them a corrupt windfall for the Orthodox rabbinate