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Watching the Strange Spectacle of Palestinian Made-for-Media Outrage

As soon as the cameramen left, so did the rioters


Mandy Patinkin Finally Gets a Hollywood Walk of Fame Star

Today on Jewcy: “This is better than a Bar Mitzvah,” said Patinkin.


Sitting Shiva at the Home Depot

Ours was never the traditional Jewish family. When my father passed away, a strange new question arose: How does one mourn?


Chocolate Hummus? Have You No Shame?

If we want our cross-cultural excursions to mean anything, in the kitchen and beyond, we must acknowledge the existence of boundaries before we cross them. And calling a pudding ‘hummus’ is a boundary that shouldn’t be crossed.


Chicago Editor Dismissed for Racist Cartoon Mocking J.B. Pritzker

Skewering the gubernatorial candidate for racially insensitive comments, Pulitzer Prize-winner Mark Konkol published an offensive cartoon drawing on negative stereotypes of African Americans


The Obama Administration’s $1.7 Billion Iranian Deception

It’s time to release the documents regarding the previous president’s payment of the Islamic Republic’s claim

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The Next Israel-Hezbollah War Won’t Be an Accident

Non-military options that might prevent an ‘Israel-Resistance Axis War’ are waning


The Iran Deal Is Now Officially a Disaster. So Where Were You?

Agents of Influence: The real consequence of Obama’s signature foreign policy initiative is mayhem


Rex Tillerson Babbles in Beirut While Middle East War Looms

Trump’s envoy tries to make a distinction between Hezbollah and Lebanon’s government where there is none


Heroes and Schoolteachers

Notes from the American Inferno: why educational institutions are the locus of our current cultural collapse and our best hope to be saved from it


Hasbara Culture and the Curse of Bibi-ism

How Prime Minister Netanyahu turns all political opinions about his leadership into a referendum on nothing less than the Manichean struggle between good and evil


Qatar and American Jews

News about an inflammatory documentary breaks just as a charm offensive is underway. What does Doha really want?

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Poet David Avidan’s ‘Futureman’ Is Here, Now

The late, spaced-out Israeli artist would have been 84 this week


‘The Tree of Life’ Is a Brilliant Work of Art About the Holocaust

Yiddish writer Chava Rosenfarb brought cruel death in the Lodz ghetto to life


A Portrait of the Marriage of Fred and Marcia Weisman, by David Hockney

‘Seeing psychologically’ the philanthropic American collector couple who put Los Angeles on the art map


The Kids Are Alright

Ep. 124: Klezmer-rock band Golem, writer Molly Lambert on her grandmother’s exclusion from the 1936 Olympics, and a visit to a Hebrew language-focused elementary school in Harlem


Turning Away From Poland’s ‘Dark Past’

Should the law be invoked to confront the Holocaust?


‘It’s a Wonderful Life,’ by Ferenc Molnar

Bookworm: The scoundrel hero of the Hungarian writer’s play ‘Liliom’ steals a star from heaven

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Netflix and Phil

Ep. 125: Everybody Loves Raymond creator Phil Rosenthal’s new food series and DoubleX Gabfest co-host June Thomas on the future of podcasting


Call It Sleepless

When my daughter wouldn’t sleep through the night, I wondered: Was this a medical issue, or a psychological problem she’d inherited from my family?


What Made America Great in the First Place

A new lecture series by Rabbi Meir Soloveichik offers unexpected insights into the Jewish ideas that influenced America’s founders


Attending Synagogue Without Leaving Home

Growing numbers of congregations are live-streaming services to those who can’t join in person but want to stay connected


Feeling the Love in Macedonia

Returning to my grandfather’s hometown, I witnessed the affection the locals feel for their country’s Jewish past


Touch Me

Two Bay Area Jewish women offer an intimate—but not too intimate—seminar on human sexuality