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Hard Reporting on the World’s Most Dangerous Regime

Tablet introduces: Iran Week


Jay Solomon’s Firing Is a Cautionary Tale

The former foreign affairs correspondent for the Wall Street Journal was fired after the AP discovered the columnist was allegedly involved in commercial dealings with an Iranian-born arms dealer


Meet Melech Zilbershlag, the Israeli Millennial Who’s Becoming a YouTube Sensation

Got assumptions about the Orthodox community in Israel? ‘King’ Zilbershlag is here to debunk them.


Gruel and Foie Gras: Voyages on the High Seas Into New York Harbor, 1900-1914

A new exhibit at the South Street Seaport Museum depicts ‘migrants and millionaires aboard the great liners’ at the turn of the century


Love—and Learn About—Your Jewish LGBT Neighbor

A Tablet reading list for Pride


Why Was Otto Warmbier’s Jewish Faith Kept a Secret During His Detainment in North Korea?

According to a Times of Israel report, Warmbier’s family and those working for his release chose not to disclose his Judaism so as not to ’embarrass’ North Korea

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Children of Kindness

Episode 95: Jamie Kirchick on the end of Europe and Muslim comedian Negin Farsad on making jokes in the Trump era


How Facebook Ate the News

Why Harvard commencement speaker Mark Zuckerberg is America’s Public Enemy No. 1


Jews Gather at Sumud Freedom Camp to Support Palestinian Outpost in the West Bank

Confusion, shame, hope, eviction, love, ping-pong, and good posters in the Hebron hills


Yitzhak Rabin’s Mission to Washington

An excerpt from Itamar Rabinovich’s new biography of the Israeli leader and statesmen reviews Rabin’s time as Ambassador to the United States


Morris Abram and the Perversion of Equality in America

As the Civil Rights activist and former Brandeis president nears his centennial, are we any closer to his goals for liberty and justice for all within the law?


On Linda Sarsour’s Politics of Hate and the Pathos of Her Jewish Enablers

The Muslim American activist speaks at CUNY, where the twisted, anti-Semitic logic of the new left is that to be a good progressive, one must stand against Jewish self-assertion and national aspirations

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The Iranian Intellectual Who Inspired the Islamic Revolution and Admired Israel

Iran Week: Jalal Al-e Ahmad’s astonishing and paradoxical account of his 1963 travels in the Holyland, newly translated and reissued as ‘The Israeli Republic’


Was Florine Stettheimer a Good Painter?

The Jewish Museum’s current show gives viewers a second chance to ‘see her light,’ and to see the socialite and troubled daughter behind the art


Remembering Homework

Rokhl’s Golden City: Bringing Yiddish children to life, while 1970s New York drops dead


David Shapiro’s Narrow Bridge

A descendant of the New York School brings cantorial poetics to his new collection, ‘In Memory of an Angel’


My Father, Elie Wiesel

‘I want to tell you about the things that connect and separate fathers and sons, of the bridges to friendship and the spaces they must cross, and of seeing through to the best in people.’


The Secrets of John Singer Sargent’s Jewess, Lady Adele Meyer

How the American master came to this living portrait, true to life—but what life?

Life & Religion

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Losing My Daughter

A father’s story


Pitas, Pride, and Prejudice

Israeli cuisine is the all the rage in New York these days. But it’s missing one key ingredient: nationalism.


Transgender and Jewish

When I decided to physically transition from female to male, I didn’t consciously consider how my relationship to Judaism might change as a result


My Crushes on Rabbis

My youthful admiration for religious teachers, and my desire to please and even emulate them, ultimately helped me connect with myself as a Jewish adult


How a Cucumber Decides Whether a Son Inherits Over a Donkey

With surprising analogous thinking, ancient Talmudic sages tackled very modern questions—by accident or foresight, depending on how liberal your views—of transgender rights, the rights of unborn fetuses, women’s rights, and wealth distribution


The Garment District’s Bustling Past and Uncertain Future

Mayor De Blasio may be killing Manhattan’s storied neighborhood, once dense with high-rise factories, its sidewalks crowded with garmentos and push boys