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Team Israel’s Jewish Bambinos Own Brooklyn Baseball for a Weekend

Kids, adults, and lots of blue and white were ubiquitous during a sunny ballgame in Coney Island


Police Shootings, Consequences, and The City of Refuge

What will happen to the officer who shot Terence Crutcher?


A ‘Flower Girl’ Walks Down the Aisle at a Same-Sex Jewish Wedding

Author Meryl G. Gordon recently spoke about her Keshet award-winning book ‘The Flower Girl Wore Celery’ in Boston


Churchill’s Former Home Becomes Hitler HQ for New Transformers Movie

For the fifth Transformers installment, director Michael Bay has given audiences yet another reason not to go to the movies


‘When You See How It Works for Donald Trump, Do You Ever Think to Yourself, ‘Oh, Maybe I Should Be More Racist?”

Zach Galifianakis’s interview with Hillary Clinton, which was ‘sponsored’ by Trump, is required viewing


Kosher Cooking Competition Raises Money to ‘Chop Hunger’

Masbia, a kosher food kitchen network in New York City that serves over 2 million meals to the needy every year, hosted an event at the Lincoln Square Synagogue to help raise awareness for its worthy cause

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Six Cups

A wedding present, a family history, and Ukraine’s dark 20th century, 75 years after Babi Yar


The Occupation Is on Trial

An IDF soldier shoots a wounded Palestinian terrorist in Hebron, and is detained and tried. His guilt or innocence will reveal how Israel—after five decades of military control—is dealing with its society becoming more intolerant, more dangerous, and more violent.


Please Be Disturbed: Triggering Can Be Good for You, Kids

Brutalities cry for attention. Attention to the appalling causes disturbance. Deal with it. You’re at school to be disturbed.


The Sky Is Falling!

Campus Week: Why student politics are impotent, irrelevant, confused, misguided, unrepresentative, inconsequential—and the most important thing you’ll do at college


New Videos Show How Yale Betrayed Itself By Favoring Cry-Bullies

Campus Week: Lessons learned—and avoided—in a free-speech debacle in the Ivy League

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Heidegger Was Really a Real Nazi

Is the philosopher’s complexity enough to excuse his overt anti-Semitism? A dive into the so-called ‘black notebooks’ from the 1930s is revealing.


Jewish Rap Kingpins and the Politics of Musical Identity

Campus Week: Your guide to today’s leading Jewish rappers, and where they started from, and now they’re here


‘Against Everything’ Is a Brilliant Exercise in Hope

Mark Greif’s thought-provoking new collection of essays defiantly refuses to lay waste our powers, getting and spending


Rhythm and Jews

Mike Stoller, of the powerhouse songwriting duo Leiber and Stoller, talks about cultural appropriation, writing for Elvis, and the idea of the ‘soundtrack of our lives’


Jonathan Safran Foer’s Nice-Jewish-Boy Fiction

Campus Week: The bestselling writer’s ambitious new ‘Here I Am’ represents the triumph of sentimentality and sincerity over irony and anger, which is a great loss


Persian Heretics and Heresies

Patricia Crone, the late scholar of Islam, fearlessly and rigorously explored the origins of Iran’s influential and mystical version of the religion

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Jew vs. Non-Jew vs. Jew

In this week’s ‘Daf Yomi,’ Talmudic sages attempt to deal with the risks inherent in communal loyalty taking precedence over common law and principled justice


Not Quite My Great-Grandmother’s Apple Cake

When I tried making a treasured family recipe, I decided it needed some revisions. This Rosh Hashanah, I’ll honor my great-grandmother by updating her recipe.


From the Ground Up

Whether it’s to work or to play, Israeli life is built around coffee. Here are some of the best places to refuel.


Goodbye to Anna Dewdney, Writer of Beloved Books for Children

Her works, like the great texts of Jewish tradition, came to life only when read aloud


The Season of Prayer, Repentance, and Psychotherapy

During the High Holidays, many Jews turn to their rabbis with questions about God. But others seek their answers on the couch.


Going Back to School? Here’s How To Fight the Israel Haters

Campus Week: A three-point guide to blocking out BDS, SJP, and other evils on campus