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The White House and its allies shouldn’t need to smear American Jews–and a sitting senator–as dual loyalists to make their case

Obama met with Jewish leaders this week in a private meeting in D.C., followed by a curious speech the next day


Tel Aviv University’s Egyptian Valedictorian: ‘We Must Always Question Our Assumptions’

Haisam Hassanein grew up surrounded by anti-Israeli stereotypes but found a very different reality when he experienced the country for himself


The Riegner Cable, and the Knowing Failure of the West To Act During the Shoah

When and how did authentic information about the Holocaust first become known?


And Tonight’s Headliner Is….Alan Dershowitz

The Comedy Cellar in Greenwich Village gets ready to host a debate on Israel, Iran, and nuclear accords.


Controversy Over Worksheet at Orthodox School in London

A worksheet’s reference to ‘evil goyim,’ stirs controversy in London, but context does matter.


Soccer on Shabbat? Maybe Not, Rules Israeli Court

Games canceled as Israel considers whether teams can play on Shabbat.


Did Donald Trump Help Save the Iran Deal?

Probably not. But let the analysis begin.


Israeli Police May Indict Likud Knesset Member Oren Hazan for Assault

Embattled lawmaker had previously been accused of pimping and abusing drugs

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Davening for Dollars: Jeb! at The Hampton Synagogue

The GOP candidate lines up to bash Obama and his Iran deal at the tony and influential congregation at the beach


The Two Jewish State Solution

Israel’s former internal security service chief decries the threat of religious Zionism left unchecked in Judea and Samaria


Noah Kales Puts the Jew in Jiu-Jitsu

The Toronto-based champ is 4’10”, weighing in at 82 lbs., and 13 years old


Meet the Iran Lobby

In the fight over sanctions and the nuclear deal, how did the supposedly all-powerful pro-Israel lobby lose to the slick operatives of the National Iranian American Council?


Sonia Nazario’s Chutzpah Gives a Voice to Latin America’s Voiceless Migrants

Like many Jews, the Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter and author comes from a family that was persecuted and that migrated. She continues to help people fleeing violence and hopelessness.


Anonymous and the Islamic State

Bafflement: a reasonable response to a barbarian upsurge

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The Three Musketeers on the Amsterdam-to-Paris Train

A dashing trio and the eternities of literature


Israel’s Happiness Revolution

What my preschooler’s taste in Mizrahi pop says about where the country is at


Basel Yazouri: Operation Protective Edge in Gaza

How an 18-year-old Palestinian prodigy came to train his lens on last summer’s Israel-Hamas hostilities, which ended one year ago today


The Scholar and the Survivor

In a compelling new memoir, ‘Reading Claudius,’ Caroline Heller goes in search of her formidable uncle Erich, whose WWII legacy still haunts his descendants


When Bad Things Happen to Good Sheep

A new animated movie charmingly wrestles with one of Jewish theology’s thorniest questions


André Aciman, Sarah Wildman, and Others Build a Summer Reading List

Looking for a good book to sink into at the beach in these waning dog days? Friends share what they’ve loved lately.

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To See Those Pews Full Again, Synagogues Should Learn From Best Buy

The electronics retailer’s miraculous turnaround offers an important lesson to shuls combating dwindling attendance


Hard To Say I’m Sorry

On a special High Holiday episode of Unorthodox, three stories of how apologizing before Yom Kippur can go right … or wrong


Teaching Kids About Labor Day

The best children’s books about the labor movement—and the part Jews have played in it


Sex on the Beach

How a trip to a smoothie stand with the kids turned into a frank—albeit brief—discussion about ‘sexy dancing’


Tracing the Way of the Nazirites

An ancient vow—no wine, no hair-cutting, no contact with the dead—and its demands and sins are the subject of the new tractate in our ‘Daf Yomi’ Talmud study


Beyond the Pulpit

What does a rabbi do in late August when he no longer needs to prep for High Holidays?