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‘Call Me By Your Name’ Is Jewish

Today on Jewcy: Another side to the upcoming queer romance film.


Javad Zarif’s Charm Offensive

In person and in print, Iran’s foreign minister does his best to wash away the crimes of the regime he represents


Choosing to be Jewish—and How

Being supportive of my fiancé’s conversion means letting him decide the role he wants Judaism to play in his life


New Hungarian Film Explores Guilt of Those Who Looted the Property of Deported Jews

In ‘1945,’ parsing the complacency of those who benefited from the Holocaust


Sid and Marty Krofft: Not Stoned, Not Jewish, But Great and Back With ‘Sigmund’ Reboot

Welcome back, psychedelic Shabbat morning TV of my youth!


Far-Right Strengthened in Austria After Sunday’s Election

Making sense of Sebastian Kurz, Austria’s new Chancellor

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Facebook, Google, and Amazon Aren’t Consumer Choices. They are Monopolies That Endanger American Democracy.

Can users of what is essentially privatized social infrastructure really log off?


The British Labour Party’s ‘Kosher Stamp’ for Anti-Semitism

The confounding political problem of ‘Jewish Voice for Labour,’ anti-Zionism, and left-wing anti-Semitism


Rooting for the Yankees May Be Good for Your Soul. No, Really.

I used to loathe the Bronx Bombers, until a religious epiphany taught me something about baseball, politics, and the perils of tribalism


Bibi Netanyahu’s Nightmare Speaks

Meni Naftali worked security for the Israeli prime minister and his wife Sara, and now wants the world to know what they are really like


Croatia Is Brazenly Attempting to Rewrite its Holocaust Crimes Out of History

An alarming and expanding wave of revisionism in Eastern Europe


John V. Lindsay Builds a Sukkah

How a liberal mayor learned to embrace Jews’ international and cultural concerns to court their vote, and changed New York City politics

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Jewish Heroes and Nazi Monsters

Torah scribe, New Deal propagandist, unrelenting anti-Nazi: the many lives of ferocious cartoonist and illustrator Arthur Szyk at a jewel of a show at the New-York Historical Society


Why Yiddish is Funny

As demonstrated by the ‘Jewish Don Quixote,’ by S.Y. Abramovitsh, aka Mendele the Book Peddler


A Wannabe-Hardboiled-Jew Reads Raymond Chandler’s ‘The Long Goodbye’

Bookworm: Was the tough guy America’s greatest act?


Caught With My Khalemoyed in My Hand

Rokhl’s Golden City: In the off-days of Sukkot: not going to shul, going out with observant friends to hear an all-female klezmer band, and visiting Eichmann at a museum


The Stamp Collector

A philatelist passes on his little square markers of love and loss to his daughter


Nicole Krauss’ Dark Forest, aka the Tel Aviv Hilton

Bookworm: Entering the multiverse of alternate selves, a dissociative nightmare, to find a way in the woods

Life & Religion

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The Converso Comeback

Hispanic crypto-Jews use social media and DNA testing to reconnect with their heritage


Rebellious Elders

Daf Yomi: Why heresy is rare in Talmudic law, where judicial dissent and tiered courts institutionalized freedom of thought


From Radiohead to Klezmer

My winding journey through music mirrored my journey of Jewish discovery


If You Build It, They Will Come—to Synagogue

The Ark Builders, a group of volunteer woodworkers, have transformed the way their congregation worships


Rolling Up a Different Kind of Strudel

This humble pastry is the perfect dish for Simchat Torah. And it’ll cure your hangover, too.


Are Jews Exempt from Capital Punishment?

Talmudic rabbis’ lenient interpretation of Biblical laws made the death penalty difficult to impose, even in cases where murder was clearly the intent