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10 Things You Probably Never Knew About Israel’s Rescue at Entebbe

How did Yoni Netanyahu really die? How many Israeli Prime Ministers, present and future, were involved in the raid? How many hostages made it—and how many didn’t? The answers may surprise you.


Barack Obama at ‘Hamilton’

This afternoon, published a piece from our most recent print magazine, by David Samuels


How One of the BDS Movement’s Alleged ‘Victories’ Became One of Its Worst Defeats

Anti-BDS laws forced security contractor G4S to publicly repudiate the Israel boycott movement and commit to working with the Jewish state for years to come


13-Year-Old Israeli Stabbed to Death in Her Bedroom by Palestinian Terrorist

The assailant’s family praised him as a hero


A Tablet Reader To Celebrate Canada Day

Selections from our coverage of the Great White North


A Plea for a Good Entebbe Movie

The daring Israeli rescue mission is a story tailor-made for Hollywood, yet one it has so far failed to do justice to.

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A Fourth of July Story

Independence Day is doubly special for the legendary refusenik Natan Sharansky and his family. He sits down for a wide-ranging interview about his wife Avital, love among Jewish people, and the promise of freedom.


Want To Understand Brexit? Look at the Israeli Left.

From West Midlands to Modi’in to Maryland, treating voters with disdain is a recipe for disaster


Washington Got You Down? Time To Find the Leader Within.

In this week’s Torah portion, sage words of advice for the Trump-stricken GOP and sit-in Democrats alike


Don’t Hate the Player

This week on Unorthodox, sports writer Matthew Futterman and Latin enthusiast Ann Patty


Anti-Racism Erases Anti-Semitism

Do Jews enjoy ‘white privilege,’ paradoxically making them targets for hatred? Talib Kweli, Black Lives Matter, and a strange argument over contemporary victimhood.


Female Knesset Members Break the Silence About Sexual Harassment

Following an Israeli news report that 88 percent of Israel’s female lawmakers experienced harassment, MKs who told their stories hope they sent an empowering message to women

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Leopold Weiss, the Jew Who Helped Invent the Modern Islamic State

‘Europe’s gift to Islam’ was born in Austria-Hungary 116 years ago this week. His ideas on the intersection of politics and religion are more relevant than ever.


Hello, Gorgeous

This week on Unorthodox, humorist Mo Rocca discusses his love of Barbra Streisand, and Rebecca Schiff reads from her debut short-story collection


How an American Jewish Opera Star Accidentally Launched the Soviet Jewish Movement

The 60th anniversary of Jan Peerce’s landmark Cold War Moscow show, where a final encore pointed the way to deliverance


Hot Dogs, the Jewish American Fast Food

The rollercoaster history of the wiener in a bun, in new books on the Coney Island institution, Nathan’s Famous


A Conversation With Mel Brooks

2,000-year-old writer, director, and producer is still blazing saddles at age 90


Elie Wiesel Visits Disneyland

The Holocaust survivor’s underappreciated journalistic work for ‘The Forverts,’ unearthed—including a dispatch from The Happiest Place on Earth

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Life Is a (Soup) Bowl of Cherries

How to make a chilled Hungarian soup that’s perfect for summer


The Shock of Recognition

As the ‘Daf Yomi’ cycle returns to a familiar anecdote about a camel causing a fire, it reveals the Talmud’s complex web of interlaced elements as more than a compendium of laws


Celebrating Louis Brandeis

The great progressive fighter became the first Jewish Supreme Court justice 100 years ago this month


How To Be a Better Ally

In the wake of Orlando, some tips for standing up for the LGBT community


God of the Poconos

Finding religion at sleepaway camp


Toward a Taxonomy of Damage

The Talmud is what happens when the laws of the Written Torah are not sufficiently broad or abstract to serve as the basis for a functioning legal system