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Reconciling Political Protest and the Day of Rest in the Era of Trump

The Torah and Talmud teach that speaking out against injustice is a fundamentally religious act


American Crime Story Will Dramatize the Monica Lewinsky Scandal. But Do We Want It To?

Not to question the creative genius of the show’s producer, but is this the story America needs today?


The Chosen Ones: An Interview With Chloe Abadi

The fashion entrepreneur talks about how she discovered her signature item, why she didn’t have a Bat Mitzvah despite her religious upbringing, and why she feels Israel is the safest place in the world


Obama Appoints First Transgender Jewish Woman to Holocaust Memorial Council

Raffi Freedman-Gurspan previously served as the White House’s LGBT liason, its first transgender staffer in history


Why Both Supporters and Critics of Obama on Israel Will Miss His Ambassador, Dan Shapiro

A pioneer of public diplomacy who steadily guided an often unsteady relationship, the envoy leaves big shoes to fill


‘YOLOCAUST’: New Web Site Satirizes the Misuse of One of the Most Iconic Holocaust Memorials

Berlin-based Israeli artist rebukes those who abuse the city’s monument to victims of the Shoah

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Pro-Israel Hoaxer Hits DC

Did an anti-Zionist filmmaker from Oxford masquerade as his political opposite to get internships at lobbying outfits?


Inaugural Distress

This week on Unorthodox, political reporter Rosie Gray and veteran inauguration announcer Charlie Brotman


And How Are We Tonight, President Trump?

Bad faith, political speech, and the intrusive ‘we’


What Obama Owes Putin—and Why Donald Trump Is Left Holding the Bag

Broader aims on Middle East realignment led the outgoing president’s efforts at two-track diplomacy. One track was misdirection. The other handed the region to Russia and Iran.


The Anthropological Case of Bibi Netanyahu

Is there anything behind repeated criminal allegations against the prime minister? Depends on your definition of ‘anything.’


First-Person Politics: Dispatch From Hillaryland

‘I was struck by the fervent hatred many Sanders supporters maintained for Hillary Clinton.’

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The Nouveau Philosophe on ‘The Genius of Judaism,’ the lessons of Jonah, the ‘human excellence’ of cities, and the futility of the fight against global anti-Semitism


With ‘Sherlock’ and ‘The Young Pope,’ TV Has Its Trump Moment

When our heroes are all simpering children, is it any wonder our president is, too?


The Genius of Judaism and Bernard-Henri Lévy

The morally minded French public intellectual applies 21st-century chutzpah to our radical age


The Holocaust for Communists

The East German-Bulgarian Holocaust movie ‘Sterne,’ screening this weekend at the New York Jewish Film Festival, is one of a group of visceral films made in Communist countries by or with people who survived the war


In Praise of Nat Hentoff

The influential ‘Voice’ critic died Saturday at age 91. His bohemian fearlessness became a popular culture.


The Lives of Barney Rosset

The fearless head of the legendary Grove Press tells, well, not all in his ‘disorienting’ memoir, ‘My Life in Publishing and How I Fought Censorship’

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Kosher Food Goes Up in Smoke

Barbecue is giving kosher food a new flavor—and vice versa


From the Dungeon to the White House—Almost

Jewish dominatrix Tara Indiana is rarely on the bottom—but she was in her presidential race against Donald Trump


Bridging the Political Divide

From a New York Jewish liberal to everyone on the other side: Our differences are real, but so are our similarities.


Seven Civil Rights Heroes to Teach Your Kids About

Martin Luther King Jr. wasn’t the only one. So tell your family about the dreams of these other, perhaps lesser-known, leaders.


Here’s Looking at You, Kinder

This week on Unorthodox, Lynn Harris on comedy empowering women and author Robert Wright on Buddhism


A Temple in Time

When the news became too much to bear, I tried observing an ‘internet Shabbat,’ where I could unplug one day a week. It didn’t quite work as planned.