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Biking Away From Auschwitz-Birkenau

Ride for the Living, an annual fundraising event during which participants cycle from Auschwitz-Birkenau to the Krakow JCC, is a celebration of Poland’s Jewish history


The Internet’s Best Anti-Semitic Song

‘The Goyim Know,’ which blames the Jews for positive liberal developments in American society, is a bar mitzvah hit waiting to happen


A Visit to the Barbershop on Lag B’Omer

A reporter takes a trip to Lower Manhattan on the day many observant Jews are finally allowed to get a haircut again


A Buzzworthy ‘Jeopardy!’ Champ

Austin ‘Buzzy’ Cohen is tearing it up on Jeopardy! and he’s taking Alex Trebek along for the ride


From ‘Curly Sue’ to Bona Fide ‘Voice’ Star

The former child actress and mother of two won ‘The Voice’ this week thanks in part to a rousing rendition of a Barbra Streisand classic

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Throwback Thursday

This week on Unorthodox: BuzzFeed marijuana reporter Amanda Chicago Lewis and a Jews for Jesus pamphlet


Is Bogie Ya’alon the Next Ariel Sharon?

Why a ‘political earthquake’ may be in store for Benjamin Netanyahu—and how his former Defense Minister could trigger it


Austria’s Incredibly Narrow Escape From Neo-Fascism

Dispatch from Vienna, where a closely contested presidential election may be a bellwether for an increasingly xenophobic Europe


Some of My Best Friends Are Jewish

A group of influential Republican hawks—many of them Jewish—wrote a letter disavowing Donald Trump last year. Here’s how they feel about him now.

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Jewish Sex Crimes and Bromance Vie for Attention at Cannes, While Israeli Films Are Excellent

Dispatch from La Croisette: Woody Allen’s critics hogged the spotlight until Bernard-Henri Lévy waltzed in with the Kurdish high command


Seth Rogen’s New TV Show Is Violent, Fun, and Theologically Profound

Never mind the Christian imagery: ‘Preacher’ is a show Abraham Joshua Heschel would’ve loved


Some Notes on My Father’s Cousin, Joseph Roth

Seventy-seven years to the day after the Austrian-Jewish journalist and novelist died, the great chronicler of prewar Europe still has much to tell us


The Ballad of Huma and Bad, Bad Anthony Weiner

‘Weiner’ is an intimate, unflinching documentary about the former congressman’s doomed 2013 mayoral run, and the people who stuck with him through his Trumpian circus act


The Architect and the Hit Man Meet in Itzik Galili

The Israeli choreographer’s signature neoclassical style on view in two new pieces, ‘Mono Lisa’ and ‘Man of the Hour’


Fifty Years Ago This Week, Two of Rock’s Greatest Albums Were Released on the Same Day

‘Blonde on Blonde’ and ‘Pet Sounds’ are American gospel

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Parents of the Book

Three new books on Jewish parenting teach us as much about the authors as they do about our own children


Know Your Place

In this week’s ‘Daf Yomi,’ Talmudic scholars undermine the Jewish caste system


The Grateful and the Dead

It’s easier than ever to visit the gravesites of beloved rabbis and sages


68 and Counting—Part I

Israel Story time-travels through Israel’s Independence Days from 1948 to 2016


A Frittata That’s Fit for a Picnic

For Lag Ba’Omer, a delicious way to celebrate today’s delicate harmony between Jews and Italians


The Top Five Most Hilarious Anti-Semitic Conspiracy Theories

Dolphin espionage? Magic vegetables? In addition to being hateful, anti-Semites are often hilarious.