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‘Lamp Gathering’

Today on Jewcy: An original poem for Chanukah


Hamilton It Isn’t: The New Robert Moses Rock Opera Falls Flat

Urban planning may be exciting, but the latest musical tribute to New York’s master builder is a turgid dud


Nikki Haley Backs Off of Controversial Statement About Qatar and Hamas

“The US does not—and will not—recognize a difference between the political and military arms of Hamas,” the UN ambassador writes


Popular Leftist Website: Only Date BDS Supporters

Ah, to be young and in love!


The Best Chanukah Sports Movie

Today on Jewcy: Looking back on ‘Full Court Miracle.’

News & Politics

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Why Glenn Greenwald Deserves a Pulitzer Prize

For his poignant and intrepid rebuke of the American media’s obsession with a false narrative


Farewell to a Scoundrel

Meme Wars: What Lorin Stein’s resignation from The Paris Review over sexual misconduct reveals about the true index of male power


Is Today’s ‘Social Justice’ Jewish?

And are we prepared for postmodern activism and the new realities of the Jewish people?


Trump’s Embassy Statement

To really stand with Israel, the president will need to reverse the course of his predecessor and stop Iran’s march to regional hegemony. Mere proclamations mean nothing.


What Is the American Far Right?

And how many of them are there, anyway?


Forcefully Opposing Anti-Semitism Must Be a Core Principle of the Movement to Combat White Supremacy

Because it bears repeating: Anti-Semitism forms the theoretical core of white nationalism

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Rokhl’s Khanike Gift List for the Yiddishist in Your Life

Golden City: Support #derkegnshtel and don’t be a seks farbrekher


The Best Novel of 2017 That You Never Heard Of

Bookworm: Jacob M. Appel’s life-affirming elderly suicide novel ‘Millard Salter’s Last Day’ is a highwire act balancing tragedy and comedy


Peter Saul Sabotages Everything, Including Himself

The painter learns to ‘live Dada’


An André Aciman Movie?

Jewishness as a metaphor for homosexual desire, in a successful new adaptation to film of the 2007 novel ‘Call Me By Your Name’


Painter William Pachner, ‘Esquire’ Illustrator and Famous Portraitist of Franklin Roosevelt, Dies at 102

Before his death, a visit to his studio in Woodstock, New York, where the Czech emigrant and underappreciated artist of the Holocaust found peace


Like a Roman Stone

Episode 113: Footsteps Executive Director Lani Santo and ‘Why Bob Dylan Matters’ author Richard F. Thomas

Life & Religion

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The Order of Things

The reasoning behind the Talmud’s categories and sub-categories isn’t always apparent. In this week’s ‘Daf Yomi,’ the Talmud wonders about its own organization.


Fry Up Something New for Hanukkah

Go beyond latkes to a whole world of fritters for the holiday


Hanger Management

Ep. 115: Mark Bittman’s new cookbook and ‘By the Book’ podcast host Kristen Meinzer on embracing self-help books


The Best Jewish Children’s Books of 2017

Let the last-minute Hanukkah shopping commence!


A Twist on the Traditional Latke

These aren’t your grandmother’s potato pancakes


The Taste of My Grandfather’s Youth

How I learned to make ‘foul medemes,’ a fava bean-based dish he ate growing up in Cairo