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How a Jewish Soda Company Helped the Insane Clown Posse Fight the Nazis

Faygo, started by Jewish immigrants, helped fuel the Juggalos’ anti-Fascist march on DC


Israeli Scientists: Global Warming Gives Cockroaches Superpowers

Up there, in the sky! Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Nope, it’s a hot and bothered bug.


Yo La Tengo’s Hanukkah Shows Are Back, Baby!

The Indie rockers from Hoboken return with an eight-night slate at Bowery Ballroom


David Grossman Joins Musical Supergroup in a Rock n’ Roll Commentary on the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

The award-winning novelist reflects on war, peace, freedom, and loss


Kol Ha’Kavod, Billy Joel

I’m no fan of the Piano Man’s, but that bit with the yellow star was touching


The Panic in Boston

Nazis are bad. So’s hysteria.

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Suzi at Yale

A look back at the original American campus sex scandal, and whose lives it actually changed


Dear Antifas: A Note About Your Ancestor

Lessons from Italian-American anti-fascist Carlo Tresca, and from the Civil Rights era


India’s New Crush on Israel

How did Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s July visit with Benjamin Netanyahu fit into the last quarter-century of Indo-Israeli relations?


Peace With the Palestinians Was a Bust. Here’s What Israel Should Do Next.

‘While peace with Palestinians may be the preferable instrument for ridding Israel of its undesirable control over millions of Palestinians, it is not the ultimate goal of the Zionist enterprise. It is an instrument.’


Disgrace and the Democratic Socialists of America

With a vote for BDS, one part of the left heads for oblivion


The Day a Jewish General Invented a Muslim Country

How J.F.R. Jacob saved hundreds of thousands of lives in the land that became Bangladesh

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JZ’s 12 Commandments for Incoming College Freshmen

Campus Week: Good advice, bad advice, and other words to live by


Yiddish on the Beach

Rokhl’s Golden City: A day in Coney Island


Philip Guston: A Stumblebum in Venice

An off-track exhibit at the Accademia puts the New York School painter in the company of Titian, Tintoretto, and, weirdly, the Italian Nobel prize-winning poet Eugenio Montale


Harold Pinter’s Birthright Trip

Excerpts from Dame Antonia Fraser’s 1978 diary of her and the playwright’s trip to Israel reveal a dusty cosmopolitan land still finding its way in a changing world


The Summer of Love and the Wrath of Cheetah

Hippie memories of California Gov. Ronald Reagan’s bad jokes


Mrs. Herskovitz’s Kimono

How the search for a singular victim of the Hiroshima atomic bomb led back to Buchenwald

Life & Religion

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Birthright for WASPs?

Episode 102: Linguist Sarah Bunin Benor on the intricacies of Jewish language and architect Duo Dickinson on his Vermont summer sojourns


Monuments and Memory

Europe’s Holocaust memorials—and America’s Confederate monuments


Surprise, Discovery, Ritual, Meaning, and Wonder

Five years into the seven-year ‘Daf Yomi’ cycle of Talmud study, our columnist pauses to reflect on what the ancient text has taught him about being Jewish today


‘I’d Like to Become a Bird’

My great-great-grandmother’s letters—in Ladino—paint a portrait of the Sephardic community on the Isle of Rhodes, moments before it was destroyed in the Holocaust


My State of Graceland

What Rabbi Elvis taught me about myself and God


Legendary Cookbook Turns a New Page

‘Second Helpings, Please!’ has been teaching Canadian Jews how to cook—and raising money for charity—for nearly 50 years