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Facebook Decides on Israel’s Permanent Borders

The social network blocked ads to Israelis living east of the Green Line


In the Aftermath of an Assassination Attempt Against the Palestinian Prime Minister, Conspiracy Theories Abound

Whoever is responsible, one thing’s clear: After more than a decade in power, Hamas has failed even to gain a monopoly on violence in the Gaza Strip


Is Your Passover ‘Gebrokts’?

Get to know the holiday’s most under-rated term, which, strangely, has to do with not eating matzah


In Pro-Wrestling, the Jews Never Win

As Bill Goldberg marches into the sport’s hall of fame, contemplating my own life of following the greatest fake show on earth


The Undercover Mossad Agent Who Became a Celebrated Egyptian Artist

A new exhibition sheds light on the life of Shlomo Cohen-Abravanel, who was renowned in Cairo as the painter Charduval. But just how much of it is true?


A Queer Jewish Author Takes on Austen

Today on Jewcy: Dov Zeller presents, ‘The Right Thing To Do At The Time’

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A Letter From Budapest

A personal quest becomes political, as Prime Minister Viktor Orbán transforms a once-flourishing democracy into the vanguard of new European authoritarian nationalism. A report for Hungary’s National Day.


Asian-Americans Can Blow Up America’s Racial Quota System. Will They?

Meme Wars: The latest wave of Chinese immigrants prefers colorblind meritocracy over victimhood-based affirmative action, at the expense of blacks and Hispanics


Who Believes in Russiagate?

Knowledgeable reporters on the left and right are frightened by the spread of an elite conspiracy theory among American media


FISA’s License to Hop

How the FISA warrant on Carter Page enabled Obama Administration surveillance of the entire Trump team, and why civil libertarians should be worried


Hold the Applause

As AIPAC convenes in D.C., it’s time to admit the inconvenient truth: Donald Trump is bad for Israel


Meyer Habib

Bibi’s man in Paris may be the best friend that French Jews have. But is he a model for the future or a herald of the end?

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A New Entebbe Movie, Hijacked by Bad Ideas

Neither psychologically astute nor fun, ‘7 Days in Entebbe’ fails to take off


My Favorite Anti-Semite: H.P. Lovecraft

The 20th-century master of horror admired Hitler but married a Jew and hated ‘alien’ cultures but created some of the most memorable ones in literature


Technician of the Sacred

A half-century after his groundbreaking ‘ethnopoetic’ anthology, Jerome Rothenberg’s shamanic journey into the sacred poetry of the past continues to lead him to the unknowns of poetry’s future


The Time Regulation Institute

Bookworm: Ahmet Hamdi Tanpınar wrote what could have been edited into one of the great novels of the 20th century


The Making (and Remaking) of a Jewish Jazz Masterpiece

Fifty years ago this month, a Jewish youth group issued a remarkable ‘concert service in jazz’ album featuring Herbie Hancock and other greats titled ‘Hear, O Israel’—but the composer hated it


German Art Without Jews

A pair of exhibits, one at Harvard Art Museums, the other at New York’s Neue Galerie, try to read the signs of a coming conflagration and its attendant guilt in works made under the rise and fall of National Socialism

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The Food of My People

It was cooking that made me embrace being Jewish


Leading the Pack

Ep. 128: Orthodox rabbinical student Leah Sarna and culture critic Lauren Oyler


Art and Words for Frances

A new exhibit spotlights the work of picture-book icons Russell and Lillian Hoban


Statue of Limitations

This week’s ‘Daf Yomi’ Talmud study considers how Jews can avoid idolatry and still live in a public space full of graven images


Sex and the Religious Girl

Growing up in a religious family where premarital sex was forbidden and sex wasn’t discussed, I wasn’t taught how to deal with the dangers I’d face


Who’s Jane?

Behind the scenes at every Syrian Jewish wedding in Brooklyn, one woman pulls the strings