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Political Theorist Benjamin Barber Dies at 77

Barber's prescient book 'Jihad vs. McWorld' put into perspective some of the forces that led to the attacks of 9/11


What Kelly Osbourne Learned From Joan Rivers

Osbourne pays tribute to the late, great comedian in her new memoir, 'There Is NO F*ing Secret: Letters From a Badass Bitch'


Ageless Jeff Goldblum Returning to Tired ‘Jurassic Park’ Franchise

The new film will make money, and it'll probably be bad, but at least Goldblum will liven it up with his droll sense of humor


I Had Shabbat Lunch at the New Russ & Daughters at the Jewish Museum. Here’s Why You Should Too.

The iconic Jewish restaurant now offers a pre-paid Shabbat meal, and it's well worth the price


When Radiohead Played Tel Aviv in ’93

Artists supporting BDS are urging Radiohead to cancel its summer show in Tel Aviv, but that's unlikely to happen: the British rockers have a long-standing connection to Israel

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Fanaticism and the New York State Parole Board

The case of Judith Clark


What We Talk About When We Talk About Gorka

The campaign against Trump’s adviser teaches us why we should never, ever flatten our history to score cheap political points


How ‘The Deranged Ones’ Are Reshaping France

In the recent case of an Orthodox woman who was attacked and killed at home, French authorities seem to have a hard time differentiating the insane impulse from the intentional act, refusing to see the anti-Semitism that co-exists with terror


Remembering the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising Today

A daughter of the resistance notes the true inspiration of the survivors: their refusal to disconnect from the past


To Make America Great Again, Let’s Bring Back the Draft

To deal with the PC crazies on college campuses, and to heal the rifts between red and blue America, just make military service mandatory


Free Marwan Barghouti’s Op-Ed Bio

The Times concedes one to the outrage trolls, and history weeps

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Rupert Brooke, My Favorite Anti-Semite

A Tablet continuing series of tributes to the people who hate us


How Did Itzik Wittenberg, Hero of the Vilna Ghetto, Die?

The answer defines moral views of resistance and martyrdom, and says more about the version of history being told than it does about Wittenberg himself


The Holocaust Play That Helped the Roman Catholic Church Reject Anti-Semitism

'The Deputy,' staged in West Berlin in 1963, was the first German drama to take on the horrors of the Holocaust and Pope Pius XII's moral failures in World War II


Blow Up the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe

What’s the right way to remember both victims and perpetrators of great crimes?



Tablet Original Fiction: all things decay


Cannonball Moment

Episode 86: Filmmaker Ferne Pearlstein asks whether we can joke about the Holocaust, and 'Jesuitical' podcast host Ashley McKinless brings Easter baskets

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This Sausage Is Kosher—Because It’s Made of Chocolate

How Schockoladenwurst came from Germany to El Salvador, and why this pareve dessert should make its way to your table


When You Buy a Cow (or a Boat) What Do You Get From the Seller? When Is It Yours? And What Really Is a Cow Anyway?

This week’s ‘Daf Yomi’ Talmud study goes straight to the essence of the matter. Plus, ‘fish tales’ and 750-mile-high waves.


My Two Divorces

Why getting a ‘get’ was more meaningful, and more important to me, than my civil divorce


A Severe Case of Second Generation

Lizzie Doron always felt there was an invisible ghost in her life. She wasn't wrong.


Telling Holocaust Stories—in Ladino

Annette Cabelli, a 92-year-old Sephardic survivor from Greece, shares her memories with young audiences across Europe


Bearing Witness at Buchenwald

In an excerpt from the forthcoming graphic novel ‘Victory Parade,’ a Jewish American soldier named Sam Arensberg helps liberate the concentration camp—but the horrors he witnesses haunt his dreams