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Ritual & Observance:
Bright Spots: The best of this year’s chanukiahs, the menorahs used for Hanukkah, are beautiful, sometimes clever, and occasionally poignant, by Alana Newhouse

Hanukkah: A Guide for the Perplexed: Everything you wanted to know about the Festival of Lights, by the Editors

Gelt and Innocence: A feverish love of collecting masked a family’s shameful truth: There was no money. By Chanel Dubofsky

Festival of Birthdays: Behind drawn curtains, the author’s family celebrated the holidays the only way they could, by David Bezmozgis

Dolled Up: American Girl teaches the economic realities of the old Lower East Side—and of today, by Daphne Merkin

Miracle on New Jersey Avenue: An unexpected profusion of gifts for six Brooklyn siblings, by Ben Birnbaum

Can’t Buy Jappiness: An illustrated memoir of Hanukkah, materialism, and materials, by Vanessa Davis

Headlights: A comedienne’s special kind of holiday cheer, by Jackie Hoffman

Anander Mol, Anander Veig: Another Time, Another Way: Tablet Magazine’s Hanukkah album, remixed versions of holiday and Jewish classics, by Marc Weidenbaum

‘Eight Days of Hanukkah’: How Orrin Hatch came to write a Hanukkah song for Tablet Magazine, by Jeffery Goldberg

Hanukkah Alegre!: A Ladino conversation group gathers for festivities, by Vox Tablet

Ocho Kandelikas: Flory Jagoda’s popular holiday song has its roots in a Bosnian village, by Vox Tablet

Sweet and Light: A well-oiled selection of Hanukkah fare—from a new twist on latkes to salads and savory ‘gelt,’ by Melissa Petitto

My Hanukkah Gift: A writer’s reflections on her olive grove and a holiday ritual, by Ruth Ellen Gruber

News & Politics:
Camp Fire: In his memoir, the famous refusenik remembered celebrating Hanukkah in the Soviet Gulag, by Natan Sharansky

Cast Lead: What the Gaza operation and dreidels have in common, by Shoshana Kordova