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Real Housewives of the Mideast

This season, the first ladies of the Levant go nuclear, bringing the drama even without Skinny Girl Margaritas

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The Real Housewives of the Middle East, by Steve Brodner, p. 1

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Still trying to decide if this is funny or hideous.

I smell a fatwa!

its funny but im sick of isreal and how netenYAHOO is interferring with our election. if you guys want a war with iran have at it. leave us out of it.

Beatrix17 says:

Some of it is funny; all
of it is clever. It must have been fun to do.

Beatrix17 says:

Netanyahu has tried hard
to stay out of the election, but the MSM is trying just as hard to
drag him in on Romney’s side. The two, who hardly knew each other,
once worked for the same company. Netanyahu welcomed Romney
politely, and immediately turned his attention to Obama who is
President and who might win the next election. Obama snubbed him because
he’s naïve enough to listen to the press and he doesn’t like
Netanyahu any way. Beside Obama’s best friend, Erdogan the
sophisticate, said it was okay to ignore Netanyahu because most
American Jews are liberal and don’t like him, either.

If Iran gets the bomb, it
will affect US sooner or later. Israel is just little Satan, USA is
big Satan.

No offense, but this is kinda racist…

gwhepner says:


Queen Rania tries to keep it real

the Hashemitic commonweal.

Ahmadinejad’s fair wife,

go nuclear if there is strife.

Netanyahu has a wretch

a husband, but she doesn’t kvetch.

Assad’s lovely wife in Syria,

with him folie de deliria.

who’s the wife of Mr. Morsi,

let the Muslim Sisterhood be saucy.

Abdullah’s many sex workers.

be seen, because they must wear burkhas.

ought not the above to pillory,

leave this job to Secretary Hillary.

Beatrix17 says:

How come you can insult Jews who are Semites, including Netanyahu, and no one says a word. But have some fun with the Arab women (many of whom are Semites) who usually get lost in th shuffle, and it’s “racist.”
Did we Jews somehow become less Semitic when we put on Western clothes and started to speak English? I love my jeans, and except for the Shema, English is all I know, butI still have olive skin, dark brown eyes, and used to have beautiful
(I was told) brunette hair, that’s now turned, Semitically, pure white.

Netanyahu and Romney were friends in their younger years.

Beatrix17 says:

they worked for the same large company and knew each other slightly. Netanyahu has to get along with whomever wins the election and he knows it,.


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Real Housewives of the Mideast

This season, the first ladies of the Levant go nuclear, bringing the drama even without Skinny Girl Margaritas