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‘Pinkwashing’ Conference Head Claims Dissenters are ‘Israeli Operatives’

Bizarre clash of ideals at CUNY, where Israel is accused of using its gay-rights record to conceal its oppression of Palestinians

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People take part in the annual Tel Aviv Gay Pride parade on June 7, 2013. (Ilia Yefimovich/Getty Images)
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Critics of Israel say the state touts its gay-rights record only to conceal its oppression of Palestinians. They call it pinkwashing. That’s nonsense.

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A new generation of women is being misled into assuming an ideological tension between feminism and Zionism

In a November 2012 interview with the British lesbian magazine Diva, Schulman said that “the more I work in this arena, the more aware I become of the involvement of the Israeli government in the US LGBT community.” She named Littman, among others, as “Israeli government operatives … who work for the Foreign Ministry, whose job it is to work our community along pinkwashing lines.” Among their tasks, she said, are to “plant stories in newspapers, co-opt our events … and flood websites with propaganda.”

Scary stuff—except Littman’s involvement in the nexus of things gay, Jewish, and Israel isn’t nearly so scandalous. A former student from Yeshiva Rabbi Samson Raphael Hirsch, in Washington Heights, Littman came out of the closet in his late 20s after spending five years in a Jewish “ex-gay” reparative therapy program. Soon thereafter, he began organizing small gatherings for gay Jewish men under the aegis of “He’bro”  after finding a dearth of such events in New York City, eventually earning the moniker of “King of New York’s gay Jewish nightlife.”

Because Littman had developed a “very strong mailing list,” his friends encouraged him to publicize and promote the gay-themed Birthright trip to boost its attendance, eventually leading his own for the first time in 2011. “What’s so funny is that it was the gay community that requested the Birthright trip all along,” Littman told me, disputing the claim of Schulman and other anti-pinkwashing advocates that the impetus for involving gay people more visibly in the cause of Zionism was part of a conspiracy run out of Jerusalem. “Honestly, Birthright at the time had a conservative vibe to it, and it took time and convincing and education to tell them why this trip is important. Birthright didn’t come to us and say we want to show the world that Israel is gay friendly. It was actually the gay community that pushed Birthright.” Littman also helped organize a fundraiser that provided scholarships for gay students to attend the Arava Institute for Environmental Studies, “a world-class teaching and research center in southern Israel that prepares Muslim, Christian, and Jewish students to cooperatively address the shared environmental challenges of the Middle East.”

Littman took issue with Schulman’s description of him as an “Israeli government operative,” telling me that, “the only contact I’ve had with the Israeli consulate here in New York was when they wanted to march in the New York City gay pride parade” and asked him for help in organizing people to participate. And even then, it was the “cultural department of the consulate,” and not the Foreign Ministry, that contacted him. “I’ve never met anyone from the Foreign Ministry,” he said. So, he wrote a letter to the editor of Diva, asking them to issue a correction regarding Schulman’s accusation.

When the editor of Diva forwarded Littman’s complaint to Schulman, she responded with an 8-point email attempting to prove her claim that Littman is indeed an “operative” who has been “trained, promoted and financially supported by the Israeli government.” One of the points cited an “anonymous source” who relayed to Schulman how Littman once introduced himself as “the person who coordinates AIPAC’s LGBT organizing efforts. He works for Birthright and for The Jewish National Fund.” As a matter of record, Littman’s involvement with AIPAC has been limited to organizing a wine-and-cheese reception in New York for members of the gay community; he has never received compensation from either Birthright or JNF.

In the same email, Schulman cited a “Benjamin Doughterty,” who told Schulman that he found an article Littman had written for the Jerusalem Post about an encounter with a homophobic Palestinian tour guide “particularly sketchy.” From this, Schulman concluded that Littman had written “a fake report” and “planted false pinkwashing information in the Jerusalem Post.” (Presumably Schulman is citing Benjamin Doherty, a blogger for

Needless to say, Schulman was unable to prove her contention that Littman is an “operative” of the Israeli government—because he isn’t one. A forthcoming issue of Diva will include the following correction issued by editor Jane Czyzselska: “In our November 2012 issue we mistakenly referred to Jayson Littman and Scott Piro as ‘Israeli government operatives.’ We understand that Mr. Littman and Mr Piro have never been Israeli government operatives and have never been employed either directly or indirectly by the Israeli foreign ministry. We apologise to Mr. Littman and Mr Piro for this incorrect statement.”

Schulman’s behavior—accusing someone (by all accounts falsely) of being a spy for a foreign government and then compiling a dossier full of inaccurate “evidence” when challenged on the veracity of her claim—is the work of an activist, or of a secret policeman in the old Soviet-bloc states, not a scholar. Indeed, despite having the title of “Distinguished Professor” at CUNY, Schulman has no degree higher than a Bachelor’s from Empire State College. And Schulman’s attempt to shut out any critical voices that might challenge her loony theories appears to have extended to a political screening of the audience, in a deliberate attempt to prevent anyone who might disagree with her from attending an event that was advertised as being open to the public. Hertz says that he checked the conference website daily for a period of six weeks in hopes of reserving a ticket, only to be told they were not yet on offer. Then, one day, the website announced that tickets had been sold out (this writer had the same experience). Hertz, who managed to get a ticket from a colleague after emailing Schulman personally and being told that none were available, was surprised to see that the opening and closing plenary sessions, held in a large auditorium, were only half full. This would contradict the claim on the conference website to have “sold out six months before its date.” (Schulman, in an email, wrote: “We sold out 400 tickets, and turned away over a hundred people who wanted to buy tickets—however, what we didn’t take into account is that many people only came for one day—since the conference was during the week. We could not sell more than 400 because that was the seating limit for the auditorium.”)

In her opening speech, Schulman dropped any pretense of being anything other than an ideologue. Noting that some critics of her conference had suggested she invite “a keynote speaker from the other side,” she responded, “Like there’s two sides!” By offering a veneer of academic respectability to Sarah Schulman and her acolytes, CUNY has provided legitimacy to agitprop posing as scholarship. What’s worse, it has also trampled on the lived experience of the countless gay men, lesbians, and transgendered people who, for whatever reasons—personal, or familial, or ideological, or simply because they like the food, the weather or the beaches—have chosen, of their own accord, to embrace the Jewish state.


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In the late 1960s the feminist movement, led by progressive Jews, campaigned to the UN for equal rights for women as a worldwide UN policy. But what happened was just the opposite. The UN at that sitting was sold on the victimhood of the Palestinians, and rejected equal rights for women while officially recognizing the persecution of Palestinians. The feminists never figured out what happened.

The same hijacking of equal rights movement is now being applied to GLBT. If the enemies of equality can make enough noise about Israel, they can pull the same stunt they pulled in 1968. THAT is the ultimate goal of this Pinkwashing campaign. And like the failure of feminism, the end result will be more persecution of GLBTs.

Bryan Bridges says:

I agree. I think what we’re really seeing is a lot of Arab/Islamic countries and their useful idiots in the West, “Palwashing” their abysmal records on democracy, genocide, human rights, LBGTQ rights, and women’s rights; that is, they distract from a tremendous number of human rights issues by holding up the Palestinian refugees as an issue that must be solved first (presumably via the destruction of Israel).

Habbgun says:

America is now a debtor country and not a wealthy country. New York State and NYC continue to lose business to other parts of the country. Not only is this stuff stupid but its expensive. Its time for NYC to give up CUNY and actually produce jobs not issues.

graylens says:

what’s the problem? we all know that Jews and Israel are the root of all evil. If Jews do anything good it is part of a nefarious plot for evil. Are these people so blinded and consumed by their hatred for Jews that they can not see beyond their bigotry?

mtevans1 says:

It is amazing and sad to see how much hate there is towards the single effort of Jewish self-determination in the form of the State of Israel.

Tony Riley says:

This hateful, pseudo-academic woman is a complete bigot, and a fool – in many Middle Eastern countries (including Gaza), she would be tortured for being a Lesbian.

Natan79 says:

It’s clear that Sarah Schulman from CUNY is a demented and hateful anti-Semite.

PhillipNagle says:

The Left hates Israel. They will use any excuse to condem it and support its enemies. At one time the Left supported Israel but like mindless sheep in “Animal Farm”, one day they got orders that Israel was now the enemy. It probably has something to do with Israel abandoning their failed socialist economic policies and a adopting a more free market approach. Nothing Israel does will satisfy the mindless sheep of the Left unless their leadership does an about face.

brian2907 says:

Gay and Lesbian studies??? What the Hell is there to study? I think the mechanics are well known!

bangpound says:

Thanks for the plug, Jamie, but the least you could do is provide a link.

boybutter says:

I love Jayson Littman, he is awesome. He is the king of Gay Jewish NYC!

herbcaen says:

I think Israel should learn a lesson from this episode. While gays should be tolerated in Israel, as a Jewish state, Israel should not be promoting itself as a gay haven. Note that the mainstream gay movement has teamed up with activists against circumcision and kashrut. It was the abandonment of circumcision and kashrut that the apostle Paul engineered to formally separate Christianity from Judaism. The current gay movement, as exemplified by Sarah Schulman and Judith Butler, is an anti Jewish movement. The emperor Hadrian was gay and opposed to circumcision, and his opposition led to the disastrous second revolt.

this is what happens when the circuitous logic of the dogmatic leftist catches up with itself.

Makabit says:

Let’s leave Hadrian out of this. There are also many, many gay Zionist activists.

vildechaye says:

Schulman is the perfect modern-day poster child for Orwell’s maxim that “some ideas are so stupid only an intellectual could believe them.” In short, she’s a moron. Why waste time on her?

vildechaye says:

Just took a look at your sad joke of a blog. won’t be back.

Maamul says:

This is the kind of braindead concept that can only be born inside an echo chamber so it’s no surprise Schulman and her pals are rejecting “outsiders”. An actual debate with various opinions will force the speakers to check facts, make sure their logic is solid, tweak and perfect their theories. When you are not challenged, you get lazy. Pinkwashing and conferences like this are proof of what I’ve been saying for many years.

By promoting Ms Schulman’s pernicious ideas, the British magazine Diva is acting in a way which is a moral stain on Britain’s gay community.

walt kovacs says:

so when are the gays who accuse israel of “pinkwashing” going to organize pride festivals in nablus and gaza?

stupid queers

Elliott says:

I guess there’e no need for Schulman to organize an event protesting the persecution of Gays in Iran, since there are no homosexuals there…

Elliott says:

“Palwashing – the use of the Palestinian issue to deflect from one’s own abysmal human rights record ” – brilliant neologism there – I think it’s going viral as I type…!!! Did you invent that one, Bryan?

Hershl says:

Schulman is a joke.

No academicians take her seriously.

Why even waste space here discussing her deranged behavior?

Pull her funding, NYC tax monies, and this pathetic excuse for a human being will melt as quickly as the Wicked Witch of the West.

BTW, I am eagerly awaiting news of her condemning those who truly do oppress gays and lesbians, the Muslims and other enemies of Israel.

Now, that would really be news!

Hershl says:

I am a longtime gay, Zionist activist.

herbcaen says:

I am happy that Israel is being supported by gay Zionist activists, just as I am glad that there are Sabbath violators, people who dont keep Kosher, and other people who are Zionists. However, gay Zionists will soon be forced to make a choice- to be aligned with the mainstream gay movement or be a Zionist- kind of like Sophie’s Choice

LevAryeh says:

One of he best articles I’ve ever read on this mindbending term. And the documentation of Schulman’s obsessive duplicity is superb.

Schulman and Butler are NOT the “mainstream gay movement” They are radical queer folks on the left. The mainstream gay movement is supportive of Israel. They may not call themselves zionists (though, many do), but they are entirely pro-Israel.

Acurate says:

Some suggestions to Shulman for future conferences:
“Hitecsmear” – Israel’s hi-tec successes are really intended to cover up her militaristic tendencies.
“Greenwash” – Israel’s work in ecology and conservation are only a thin veil to hide her capitalistic greed.
“Arabite” – Israel is using her Arab citizens and their rights to distract people from the Palestinian issue.
I could go on…..

Bryan Bridges says:

Yes, I was being cheeky. But I would be happy to have coined a catchy neologism that’s useful in the debate with anti-Zionists. What do you say to a conference at CUNY on Palwashing and Homo-anarchism?

Natan79 says:

Sarah Schulman doesn’t need your ironic suggestion. If she had the chance, she would murder you.

AriShavit says:

excellent article.

oaklandj says:

Don’t bother arguing with “herb.” The presence of a couple of anti-Zionist gays means that all gays are anti-Zionist to him/her.

andy_gill says:

Sarah Schulman sounds close to clinically insane. If she really cared about gay rights she would be campaigning against the rampant homophobia in Islam.

If I were gay, I’d be highly pissed off with her hapless twatishness. As it is, I can only pity her.

jburack says:

Once again this little contretemps at CUNY proves, as they say, that the battles of academics are so vicious because the stakes are so small. Sarah Schulman needs to get a real job.

Littman should sue for libel.

Yes, right on all counts. However, she gets publicity. She had an op ed in the NY Times, for goodness sakes (says a lot about NYT bias, if they publish this junk)! Even though there is no merit to her claims, she attracts followers. And THAT’S the problem.

BradD99 says:

Electronic Intifada is disgusting, repulsive, evil, vile, antisemitic garbage run by pathetic Jew-hating and/or radical extreme-left nutjobs who seek to erase the world’s only Jewish state and make it an Arab state, because after all, land can be “Arab,” land can be “Muslim,” but apparently land cannot be “Jewish.” And apparently Arab states are OK, Muslim states are OK, but a Jewish state is inherently wrong — and needs to be turned into an Arab state.

Belter says:

Instead of “anti-Zionist”, perhaps we should be using the term “Zionophobic”

Unbelievably, the clever would-be neologism Palwashing has been claimed by the other side. See


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‘Pinkwashing’ Conference Head Claims Dissenters are ‘Israeli Operatives’

Bizarre clash of ideals at CUNY, where Israel is accused of using its gay-rights record to conceal its oppression of Palestinians

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