The Light, the Sword, and the Nintendo DS

From the archives: One young family attempts to navigate the treacherous waters of Greedikah

Rock of Ages

From the archives: Love among the menorahs

Week at a Glance

Pornographic vegan cupcakes and other highlights of a West Coast Hanukkah

Hanukkah 2007

Festival of Candles

Celebrating Hanukkah—and my grandfather’s birthday—whether behind drawn curtains in Lithuania or openly in Canada

Dolls of the World

The revelation behind a houseful of aging belongings

Girl, You’ll Be a Woman Soon

The frenetic, hormonally charged days before a bat mitzvah

Let Us Eat Cake

There’s only one Biblical birthday bash

Hearing Voices

Daniel Smith explores the history of the phenomenon—from the Bible to his father

Serious Moonlight

A nighttime epiphany leads to a major change

The Dude Abides

What happens when an agnostic follows all the rules in the Bible? A.J. Jacobs finds out.

The Etrog Man

A consummate salesman sings the praises of this unusual fruit

A Bridge Too Far

How one woman lived to regret her nose job

Ritual du Jour

Vanessa Ochs studies “bark mitzvahs” and other modern inventions

Sing a New Song

Robert Alter’s version of Psalms strives to recapture their Hebrew beauty.

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