The Lost World

Why Gregor von Rezzori yearned for an era he never knew

Language Arts

Translating musical styles


A Jane Austen classic reset in the Galilee

Isn’t He Romantic

Uncovering the lost works of Felix Mendelssohn

Dear America

How Allen Ginsberg’s letters were an extension of his poetry

Present Tense

Can contemporary poetry engage the ancient art of prophecy?

Unorthodox Union

CBS’s off-key take on Jewish life and love

Not if You Were the Last Panda on Earth

God & Co., Episode IV

Working Hard

Jewish writers and writing of the (last) Depression

Sin City

Howard Chaykin’s revolutionary comic-book view of urban life

Content and Form

An unlikely musical tribute

Today I Am an Actor

Expert tips for the phony bar mitzvah boy

Redrawing Jewish Europe

Familiar boundaries are made fluid in new collection of scholarly essays

Hero Worship

Ed Zwick and Leon Wieseltier on fighters, cab drivers, creepy forests, and the movie Defiance

Phantom Memory

The haunted films of Chantal Akerman

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