True Confessions

A new book probes Augustine’s vexing ‘defense’ of Judaism

Tapped In

Jane Goldberg shares an insider’s perspective on a dance tradition

Lest We Remember

Saying “Never again” to Holocaust movies

The Office Series, Day Five: Conclusion

What it all means for us

License to Kill

Watching Daniel Craig, “everyone’s favorite non-Jewish Jew”

The Office Series, Day Four: After Kafka

Nazis in the workplace, what Kafka’s writings presaged

Space Time Continuum

Music that borrows from different eras, people, and places

The Office Series, Day Three: Kafka

How the writer’s work directly inspired his art

Dream of Fields

Notes from an “as-told-to” autobiography of a music legend

Touchy Subject

Frederick Busch feared his novel Invisible Mending would upset readers. He didn’t anticipate his own discomfort.

The Office Series, Day Two: Before Kafka

How the writer found his way to an office

The Office: Kafka Edition

A weeklong inquiry into how workaday fact inspired masterwork fiction


Edward Kritzler’s uneven history of Jewish pirates

Bel Canto

Composer Yotam Haber finds inspiration in a dusty Roman archive

Local Color

A Jerusalem gallery aims to lead by example

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