Killing Spree

Working for Satan in the City of Angels

Blade II and Fried Rice

Christmas Eve for those who have nowhere else to be

Don’t Ask, Don’t Kvell

Compromise about a bar mitzvah suit? Sure. About basic human dignity? Perhaps not so much.

Baptism by Fryer

A misbegotten first attempt at making sufganiyot

Belief Net

Nelly Reifler is casting about for answers to eternal questions

Love at First Whiskey

Gypsy music, handcuffs, public disturbance

Trip to Bountiful

Sensory overload kicks in on a tour through a kosher food convention

Leaps of Faith

A writer endeavors to learn exactly how ordinary people arrive at their systems of belief and disbelief

The Gayish Problem

In a few months our son will become a man, with all the rights and responsibilities of Jewish adulthood. But what about us?

Table Talk

Cooking with Claudia Roden

Sibling Rivalry

Cigarettes, Meatloaf, and four dysfunctional sons

Laughing Out Loud

Adam Gopnik follows the yuks from Groucho to his 12-year-old son

The Transit of Pluto

A planet’s demotion forces a new way of seeing war and peace

Organizers and Agitators

A new documentary looks at the latest generation of Jewish radicals

Uncertain Terms

The High Holidays make you focus on life’s vicissitudes

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