Winter A-Go-Go

Merry-making at a Yo La Tengo Hanukkah concert

Eastward Expansion

Bringing Sephardic music into the fold

The Grinch and I

My unnerving identification with the cuddly curmudgeon

The Book of Ruth

Rereading Yehuda Amichai through the lens of heartbreak

Soldier’s Story

An animated investigation of war

Party Animal

The enigmatic “Jew fairy” at the center of The Boys in the Band

His Life As a Dog

Jeff Goldblum discusses his tour-de-force role in Adam Resurrected

Fiddler on the Farm

An unusual kibbutz diversifies the movement with its music program

Cry Me a River

Kate Winslet gambles for your tears in The Reader

Mystery Train

Lars von Trier’s Europa delves into Germany’s past—and possibly his family’s

True Confessions

A new book probes Augustine’s vexing ‘defense’ of Judaism

Tapped In

Jane Goldberg shares an insider’s perspective on a dance tradition

Lest We Remember

Saying “Never again” to Holocaust movies

The Office Series, Day Five: Conclusion

What it all means for us

License to Kill

Watching Daniel Craig, “everyone’s favorite non-Jewish Jew”

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