Kindred Spirits

The overlapping musical traditions of the Roma and the Jews

No Boys Allowed

Will a movie intended solely for women play in Jerusalem?

Moving Pictures

In his late artworks, Arbit Blatas took on the Holocaust

Blinded by the Light

A documentary on Bob Dylan’s Christian phase

His Back Pages

A forgotten collaboration connects Bob Dylan to Hollywood

Starting Small

Tracing Hilary Putnam’s roadmap to God

Nearer to Me Than Thee

Notes on Bob Dylan fandom

Birds of a Feather

Jews dominated the once-booming ostrich feather business. A historian finds out why.

Stormin’ da Castle

How Tony Curtis conquered Hollywood

Curtain Call

What does Chagall have to do with Russian Yiddish theater?

Out of the Extraordinary

Funky soul from the desert and other musical surprises

Beginning of the End

Decadence and anti-Semitism in Arthur Schnitzler’s Vienna

Rules Writ Large

Keith Haring’s confounding Ten Commandments

Small Miracle

A new album tries to change Hanukkah’s reputation

Lost in Translation

What Proust taught me about being Jewish

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