Vox Tablet

Mediterranean Melodies

La Mar Enfortuna reinterprets the music of the Sephardic diaspora

Grass Roots

Hill country and the old country merge in a unique folk sound

Marked Man

Ami Silber imagines a virtuosic con artist in 1940s Los Angeles

Politics of the Everyday

Novelist Yael Hedaya explores the daily struggles of modern Israelis

Open the Doors

A new school in Germany promises cantors for Europe


Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist unites more than just two cute teens

Inside Stories

Rutu Modan’s devastating, understated comics

Get Over Yourself

How useful are self-help books?

Swinging in the New Year

The Sway Machinery party like it’s 5769

Reality Check

Dave Sim’s comic-book history of anti-Semitism

Re-Mixed Messages

Musician Jonathan Dagan was inspired by being uninspired

The Paragraph That Changed My Life

On Yaakov Shabtai’s Past Continuous

Bring the Noise

The brilliantly aggravating music and art of Mauricio Kagel

American Psyche

Philip Roth’s latest protagonist—a teenager—has some adjustment issues

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