Brother’s Keeper

Philippe Grimbert pretended he had an older sibling. The macabre reality was not far off.

Crossing Melodies

Gregorian chant meets Judeo-Iraqi songs of prayer in Miami

Love Story

Moving from translation into fiction, Evan Fallenberg conjures an unlikely romance

“Paint it Jewish!”

What does “Diasporist” art look like? R.B. Kitaj tried to show us.

Speculative Friction

Selim Nassib’s latest novel riffs on rumors of Golda Meir’s affair with a Palestinian banker

Agent Provocateur

In Arnon Grunberg’s fiction, there are no unmentionables

The Littlest Rebbe?

What a boy with Down syndrome tells us about belief

Dizzy With Life

Clarice Lispector’s gorgeous, vibrant writings made one writer’s head—and heart—spin

A Wanderer in the Desert

How a tubercular shoemaker became a great Yiddish poet

Anything but Average

Gertrude Berg conquered America. Why is she still something of a mystery?

Just Plain Super

Two books scratch too hard at superheroes’ identities

Intimate Stranger

Margot Singer’s debut collection explores one woman’s quest to connect

From Decadence to Minimalism

Alex Ross takes us on a music tour of the 20th century

Abominable Showman

Talented and terrifying, Otto Preminger left no taboo unbroken

Best of 2007

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