Reality Check

Dave Sim’s comic-book history of anti-Semitism

Re-Mixed Messages

Musician Jonathan Dagan was inspired by being uninspired

The Paragraph That Changed My Life

On Yaakov Shabtai’s Past Continuous

Bring the Noise

The brilliantly aggravating music and art of Mauricio Kagel

American Psyche

Philip Roth’s latest protagonist—a teenager—has some adjustment issues

Spirits in the Material World

Uncovering the legend of the dybbuk

Hack Job

The surgical steps Alfred Hitchcock Presents took to adapt Philip Roth for television

Follow the Goat

Why the Israeli writer S.Y. Agnon still matters

The Village

A young German reinvents the Holocaust novel

Third Life

For Jakov Lind, reinvention was the heart of fiction

Free Spirit

Danya Ruttenberg spent years wrestling with religion. Today she’s a rabbi.

Strange Bedfellow

Benjamin Disraeli’s remarkable political career.

The Road Not Taken

Decades before Herzl, Benjamin Disraeli wrote a novel that grappled with Zionism

Let My People Grow

God & Co., Episode II

You Are What You Wear

In her new novel, Linda Grant tackles questions of identity, morality, and fashion

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