The Village

A young German reinvents the Holocaust novel

Third Life

For Jakov Lind, reinvention was the heart of fiction

Free Spirit

Danya Ruttenberg spent years wrestling with religion. Today she’s a rabbi.

Strange Bedfellow

Benjamin Disraeli’s remarkable political career.

The Road Not Taken

Decades before Herzl, Benjamin Disraeli wrote a novel that grappled with Zionism

Let My People Grow

God & Co., Episode II

You Are What You Wear

In her new novel, Linda Grant tackles questions of identity, morality, and fashion

The Hermit of Oliphant

After the literary pioneer Dvora Baron immigrated to Palestine, she never again ventured out

The Irritable Man

Why Harlan Ellison’s personality overshadows his classic science fiction

Object Lessons

Maya Zack’s singular take on home economics

Was This Man a Genius?

The twisted mind of Otto Weininger

Expatriate Act

Maya Arad breaks ground as an Israeli writer—by living in America

Yesterday’s Hero

Fifty years after the publication of Exodus, is it time to let Ari Ben Canaan go?


When it comes to Judd Apatow’s characters, what’s in a name?

Doo-Wop Generation

How the kids who brought you “Stupid Cupid” changed American music

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