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Collective Memory

Toby Perl Freilich’s forthcoming documentary examines the 100-year history of the kibbutz

Together Again

Inventing Our Life examines the kibbutz movement at 100 years old, facing a rocky past and a promising future.

Family Feud

What an Egyptian thriller says about the country’s perception of Israel

The Sound and the Führer

On the 121st anniversary of his birth, what makes Hitler an Internet phenomenon?

Painfully Good

On the eve of the Oscars, an endorsement of ‘The White Ribbon’

Heavy Burden

A new documentary discusses the legacy of a Nazi filmmaker with his heirs

Boycott Mel Gibson

The anti-‘Edge of Darkness’ email your relatives are forwarding

Family Matters

Two Best Foreign Film nominees offer differing takes on the ties that bind

Sympathy Pains

A new French film examines a case of philo-Semitism gone terribly awry

Judah’s Avatar

Watching James Cameron’s CGI epic and reconsidering the Hanukkah story

Nothing to Fear

Filmmaker Yoav Shamir thinks anti-Semitism isn’t much of a problem. Is that a problem?

Screening the Others

A film festival looks at Israel’s Arab citizens

Home Away From Home

A new documentary chronicles the end of the road for Holocaust survivors’ Catskills bungalow colony

Shades of Gray

A new film shines a light on Rudolph Kasztner, controversial Holocaust-era figure

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

Why Jewish producers kept Jewish women off stage and screen

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