Liberty Bells and Whistles

Philadelphia’s new National Museum of American Jewish History dazzles technologically but is a little too one-note

Kiefer’s Other Land

The German artist’s new show, ‘Next Year in Jerusalem,’ tackles the Bible, Kabbalah, and the Passover Seder

Design Within Reach

As he unveils a new line of affordable Judaica, architect Richard Meier reflects on his Jewishness

Bound for Glory

Harry Houdini exhibited two very different public faces—master of escape and anti-mystical firebrand—that were united by his Jewishness

Picture Imperfect

Are there right and wrong ways of looking at Holocaust-era photographs?

Favorite Son

Belarus embraces Chagall but leaves his Jewishness at the door

Master Builder

With his U.S. Institute of Peace set to open in Washington, Israeli-born Moshe Safdie takes his place among the world’s leading architects

Confessional Notes

An Israeli designer crafts an unorthodox ritual object for Yom Kippur

Gimme Shelter

A design competition invites new takes on the sukkah


An illustrated remembrance of cartooning legend Harvey Pekar

Cross Pollination

How the figure of Jesus came to be employed in modern Jewish art

Body Image

An art historian tackles the thorny matter of Jews and figurative painting

Shift in Focus

Tired of glossy magazines, photographer Harry Borden turned his attention—and lens—toward Holocaust survivors

Monumental Dilemma

A design competition is seeking an uplifting Holocaust memorial. Is such a thing possible?

String Theory

Artist Ben Schachter puzzles over boundaries, real and imagined

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