A Passage to Gujarat

Esther David’s novels chronicle a community of Jews in a province riddled with ethnic violence

Excerpt from This Man Is My Brother

The Inciter

What happens when a German provocateur turns to the subject of love?

A Night to Remember

Thirty years ago, Barbra and Golda made nice in prime time

Toward the Abyss

The final work of a doomed Yiddish novelist

They Talk to Angels

Silver Mt. Zion

What May Be Highly Relevant

In this excerpt from Rivka Galchen’s first novel, a psychiatrist uses unconventional means to save a patient

The Reanimator

Omer Fast

Radical Riff

How comedians of the 1960s and ’70s revolutionized stand-up

Not a Pretty Sight

The transformative art of Tamy Ben-Tor

Clash of the Titans

The art-critic battle that turned Pollock, de Kooning, and others into superstars

In the Image

A literary—but none-too-sad—Keith Gessen talks about his new novel

Family Guy

The domestic fantasies of Guy Ben-Ner

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