The Inciter

What happens when a German provocateur turns to the subject of love?

A Night to Remember

Thirty years ago, Barbra and Golda made nice in prime time

Toward the Abyss

The final work of a doomed Yiddish novelist

They Talk to Angels

Silver Mt. Zion

What May Be Highly Relevant

In this excerpt from Rivka Galchen’s first novel, a psychiatrist uses unconventional means to save a patient

The Reanimator

Omer Fast

Radical Riff

How comedians of the 1960s and ’70s revolutionized stand-up

Not a Pretty Sight

The transformative art of Tamy Ben-Tor

Clash of the Titans

The art-critic battle that turned Pollock, de Kooning, and others into superstars

In the Image

A literary—but none-too-sad—Keith Gessen talks about his new novel

Family Guy

The domestic fantasies of Guy Ben-Ner

Outsider in the Promised Land

The hero of Shimon Ballas

The Truth Seeker

The work of Gershom Scholem

Minding the Store

Max Apple

In Bloom

Pearl Buck breathes life into a disappearing Chinese community

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