American Dreams

Hanoch Levin’s characters live in one promised land


Night of the Living Jews is not just another Hasidic zombie movie

So Help Me Word

Shalom Auslander reads from his new memoir—and waits for calamity to strike

A Change of Plan

The short story that became The Heartbreak Kid

The Kid Is Back in Town

The remake of The Heartbreak Kid favors bawdiness over sharp-edged satire

And Now, a Major Motion Picture!

What happens to a writer when Hollywood calls?

English Cracker

Will Charlotte Mendelson’s new novel change the scope of British fiction?

Crime and Punishment

Photo shoots, red wine, compliments

Do It Yourself

From crocheting a kippah to making your own shofar, The Jewish Catalog explains it all

Memory Trip

Rachel Lichtenstein takes us on a tour of forgotten places along London’s Brick Lane

Regatta Land

Amid Harvard’s ivy-covered bricks, the hero of Myron Kaufmann’s Remember Me to God struggles to become part of the in crowd

Princess for a Day

The Prince William-obsessed heroine of Holly-Jane Rahlens’ latest novel is preparing for her bat mitzvah

The Seeker

In Ehud Havazelet’s gripping first novel, questions are what matter

Behind the Music

Reconsidering Bill Graham, the war refugee turned Summer of Love impresario who forever changed concertgoing

Cairene Dream

In telling her father’s story of exile, Lucette Lagnado conjures the beloved Egypt and ugly Brooklyn of her youth

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