In producing Jewish music, trombonist Rafi Malkiel found inspiration in water

Power Chords

Yiddish Princess takes rock and roll (and Yiddish) to a whole new level

Sub-Saharan Fusions

How an American saxophonist came to cut a record with a group of Ugandan Jews


Frank Schiffman made the Apollo Theater into the premier venue for African American musicians

In Tune

A glimpse into the small but resilient world of Hebrew and Yiddish choirs

Roots Music

A Lower East Side concert in memory of Dave Tarras, who helped invent klezmer

Food for Thought

There are more similarities between Jewish music and Jewish food than meets the ear

Fugging Around

At 86, blind and housebound, Fugs frontman Tuli Kupferberg is still dispensing crass words of wisdom

Hyphenated Sounds

Two bands cultivate the ‘Afro-Judaic’ aesthetic


A pair of Swiss musicians brought their Jewishness back from the dead

Download the Song

‘Eight Days of Hanukkah’ in MP3 format

Watch the Video

Rasheeda Azar performs ‘Eight Days of Hanukkah,’ by Sen. Orrin Hatch and Madeline Stone

Blessed Bluegrass

An Orthodox musician’s unorthodox music

Treasure Trove

A new box set offers a taste of one of the world’s great Jewish music collections

Female Trouble

Alicia Jo Rabins writes indie rock ballads about biblical bad girls

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