Vox Tablet

Art Market

Graphic novelist James Sturm turns his attention to a struggling Eastern European rug maker

Redrawn and Remembered

William Kentridge and the art of righting history’s wrongs

The Wright Stuff

At 50, Frank Lloyd Wright’s Beth Sholom synagogue still glimmers—leaks and all


While trying on new artistic hat, artist develops series of paper coats

The Torah in the Altarpiece

A new exhibition explores the overlapping worlds of Christian and Jewish art in medieval Spain

Branching Out

Touring a Brooklyn collector’s cache of botanical art, now on display in a Pittsburgh museum


Architect Frank Gehry withdraws from plan to build Museum of Tolerance in Jerusalem

My Yiddishe Santa

Cartoonist Milt Gross’s 1927 visit from a Yiddish-accented St. Nicholas

On the Cheap

How two middle class civil servants amassed a world class art collection

Memory Blocks

A deteriorating New Haven synagogue inspired an art exhibit

Close Up

Photographer Frederic Aranda offers an intimate glimpse into the Lubavitch world

Sacred Spaces

Tobi Kahn and the art of creative reverence

Paned Expressions

Though a bit tarnished, the Abstract Expressionist windows at Brooklyn’s Kingsway Jewish Center still glimmer

Support System

A sukkah of tomorrow, held up by its inhabitants

Original Intent

A student sukkah project harks back to architecture’s dawn

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