Beautiful Loser

With a new documentary and a book of poems, Leonard Cohen is primed for a comeback. For Suzanne Snider, he never went away.

A Triangle of Influences

The three women who shaped a novel

Great Escapes

Six characters to spend the summer with

Roots Music

Galeet Dardashti finds the Israeli audience her grandfather never had

Suburban Cowboy

What happens when a Wyatt Earp wannabe goes astray in the Valley

King of the Forest

The Viennese pornographer turned critic who dreamed up Bambi

The Tense of Trauma

Novelist Chris Kraus ponders the meaning of “It would have been”

The Greatest American Hero

Everyone made fun of little Gary Shteyngart. Now it’s his turn.

The Spy Who Loved Me

An Israeli thriller that captivated Graham Greene

Runaway Train

Oprah visits Auschwitz: In good taste or bad?

A Man Possessed

A visit with the composer who took over where Marc Blitzstein left off

Draft Picks

Frida Kahlo, Eva Hesse, and the parlor game of defining Jewish art

Free Radical

Baruch Spinoza inspired Rebecca Goldstein. So why is she out to betray him?

Way Up in the Gods

Luba Kadison, once a member of famed Yiddish theater company the Vilna Troupe, reminisces about her past

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