Fists of Fury

Douglas Century talks about Talmud student, champion prizefighter, war hero, gunrunner, and recovered morphine addict Barney Ross.

Stage Fright

The children’s opera Brundibar inspires and terrifies

Beats Without Borders

Balkan Beat Box’s diaspora mix

Melody Maker

The true story of a White Plains boy who found both God and reggae

Family Affair

How a faraway girlhood became part of my own

My Son, the Assimilator

Allan Sherman’s page in the American songbook

Beyond the Melting Pot

A hipster scholar makes room on his provocative playlist for the jubilant, in-your-face shtick of Mickey Katz

Open Panel

Will Corwin’s assimilating art

Another Opening

Out and about with Leonard Nimoy and Lou Reed


How World War II turned a Soviet loyalist into a dissident novelist. Plus: An audio interview with the editor of A Writer at War.

Death Wish

A tour through my private Grand Guignol

Sweet and Lowdown

Dani Levy on his groundbreaking comedy that swept the German Oscars

Durban Renewal

Lynn Freed’s fiction brings to life the South African city she left behind. Plus: An audio excerpt from the short story “Foreign Student.”

Total Recall

Has Elie Wiesel made a Faustian bargain with Oprah Winfrey?

Forged Reunions

A picture of post-Soviet provincial life, both Jewish and gentile

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