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Bringing Back the Sexy

Annette Ezekiel Kogan tells all about punk-klezmer band Golem’s latest album


A Jane Austen classic reset in the Galilee

Today I Am an Actor

Expert tips for the phony bar mitzvah boy

Hero Worship

Ed Zwick and Leon Wieseltier on fighters, cab drivers, creepy forests, and the movie Defiance

Phantom Memory

The haunted films of Chantal Akerman

Everyone’s a Critic

Readers’ reviews from the 2009 New York Jewish Film Festival

It Came from Auschwitz

The Exorcist meets The Dybbuk in The Unborn

Hidden Roots in the Jungle

A new film spotlights a far-flung group seeking connection with the mainstream

Soldier’s Story

An animated investigation of war

Party Animal

The enigmatic “Jew fairy” at the center of The Boys in the Band

His Life As a Dog

Jeff Goldblum discusses his tour-de-force role in Adam Resurrected

Cry Me a River

Kate Winslet gambles for your tears in The Reader

Mystery Train

Lars von Trier’s Europa delves into Germany’s past—and possibly his family’s

Lest We Remember

Saying “Never again” to Holocaust movies

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