Off-Broadway Transference

Sigmund Freud, Carl Jung, and the woman who brought them together

Ambulance Chasing

A playwright locates her grandfather, a Reds announcer with a voice rootless as the airwaves, with help from Death of a Salesman.

Green Thoughts

Analyze This

Why are American psychologists wary of transforming your soul? Andrew Heinze makes explicit an unspoken connection.

The Buddy System

A critic tries to sink Ben Stiller, and Owen Wilson comes to his rescue.

Stranger to Fiction

Wendy Shalit wrongfully accuses authors of misrepresenting the Orthodox

Same Old Stories

Tired headlines set the scene for Eytan Fox’s Walk on Water

Once Again

An Argentinian filmmaker sets his lens on home

The Kafka Curve

Think Gregor Samsa had it rough? He never had to wait in line at Carnegie Hall.

Peeling the Orange

Is there more to The O.C.’s Seth Cohen than meets the eye?

Second Fiddle

Billy Sunday

A comedian wears out his the boychik routine

The Farewell Party

Susan Sontag’s “divided soul”

Parent Trap

Better embarrassing than inflexible

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