Billy Sunday

A comedian wears out his the boychik routine

The Farewell Party

Susan Sontag’s “divided soul”

Parent Trap

Better embarrassing than inflexible

A Wobbly Leg

The willful ignorance of reality tv can be all too unreal

Character Flaw

Modern Orthodox, Daniel Goldfarb’s new play, dramatizes an implausible episode in the life of a secular New York couple. Ben, a sweet, sensitive financier, buys an engagement ring for Hannah from a prying, self-righteous Orthodox diamond merchant. Ben winds up bullying him into removing his yarmulke before he will buy. For days after the play, I was unsettled. What was wrong with Hannah?

Rent After Death

A higher order as dysfunctional as our own

Hog Wild

Maurice Sendak tinkers with Peter and the Wolf, rendering the villain as a pig and the boy as a guide to the illustrator’s own childhood.

Arlo’s Folks

Behind a great folk singer is his Yiddish poet mother-in-law

An Innocent Flirtation?

A pretty young rabbi becomes Nate Fisher’s spiritual counselor

Space Odyssey

Thirty years after the launch of an exploratory anthology, a science fiction connoisseur wonders when we’ll discover brighter stars.

The Home Front

Reality television tries to bridge a great divide

Letting Go

In his latest look at the Jerusalem of his childhood, Amos Oz sheds anger, frustration, bewilderment, and the protective cloak of fiction.

Precious Objects

An experimental musical about the Rosenbachs celebrates their love affair with book dealing

Revolutionary Fever

As a teenager, Roya Hakakian fell hard for the Iranian Revolution. It may have betrayed her, but you never forget your first love.

Smile and Wince

Rolling out an endless parade of stereotypes

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