Nosing Around

A look at a pseudoscience that hinged on the shnozz

Academic Question

San Francisco’s Federation puts new restrictions on its grants, worrying Bay Area Jewish-studies profs


Amid financial shortfalls and a Conservative crisis, the Jewish Theological Seminary will shutter its cantorial school

Fat and Fabulous

Plus-size retail queen Deb Malkin insists that fashion isn’t only for the skinny

Manhood, Interrupted

The grisly aftermath of a broken engagement

The Rebbe’s Teachings

As Chabad opens preschools across the country, secular parents try to reconcile the movement with the classroom

Jewish Body Week

All the articles from our weeklong series

Body Image

How to reconcile religious prohibitions on autopsies with the need to determine a cause of death

The Broker’s Fee

A novel excerpt examines the desperation of a family in need of a kidney

Race Relations

Freud and his theories on the inheritance of Jewishness

Bell Curve to Bell Jar

From the archives: The neverending fetishistic fascination with Jews and intelligence

Rabbis in Recession

The recession has hit the rabbinate, too. How are the newly ordained—and laid-off veterans—handling the rabbi glut?

Text Messages

As fights over textbooks simmer, Jewish groups enter the fray

First Cut

As the CDC considers recommending circumcision, a look at the history and purpose of the procedure

Jewish Abortion Technician

After a young woman’s 1871 death, the press took aim at an immigrant from Plotsk

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