Blinded by the Light

A documentary on Bob Dylan’s Christian phase

Ceaseless Spirit

The jam-packed films of Arnaud Desplechin

Never, Ever Forget

In his latest movie, Amos Gitai restates the obvious

Getting There Is Half the Fun

God & Co., Episode III


Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist unites more than just two cute teens

Let My People Grow

God & Co., Episode II

Object Lessons

Maya Zack’s singular take on home economics


When it comes to Judd Apatow’s characters, what’s in a name?

Shock Treatment

Emulated by Scorsese and worshipped by Spielberg, Samuel Fuller’s B movies still have the power to stun

Time of Favor

Israeli cinema has finally come into its own

Bound for Gory

God & Co., Episode I

Let’s Get It On

Sex, geopolitics, and You Don

Finding Her Religion

What does it mean to be devout in the movies?


David Cronenberg

Evangelicals Like Us

A documentary dares to examine fundamentalist Christians in a nuanced light

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