Evangelicals Like Us

A documentary dares to examine fundamentalist Christians in a nuanced light

The Littlest Rebbe?

What a boy with Down syndrome tells us about belief

Abominable Showman

Talented and terrifying, Otto Preminger left no taboo unbroken

The Wandering Kind

Bob Dylan can’t be pinned down. I’m Not There glories in not trying.

Crossing the Border

Isaac Artentstein takes a sentimental journey back to Tijuana


Night of the Living Jews is not just another Hasidic zombie movie

The Kid Is Back in Town

The remake of The Heartbreak Kid favors bawdiness over sharp-edged satire

And Now, a Major Motion Picture!

What happens to a writer when Hollywood calls?

A Fine Mess

How a filmmaker turned his movie flop into a groundbreaking book

Our Man in Bethlehem

Matt Beynon Rees creates a new kind of sleuth

A Place for Us

What’s more unlikely than a romantic comedy

Puppet Regime

The Quay Brothers and Bruno Schulz animate the ordinary

The Searchers

Seven South Americans uncover their converso roots

Deconstructing Harry and Crimes And Misdemeanors…That’s All, Folks!

Adventures at a Woody Allen film festival

Zelig and The Front

Adventures at a Woody Allen film festival

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