On Edge

As the Spertus Museum courts controversy, is it trying too hard—or not hard enough?

This Land Is Your Land

Yael Bartana’s provocative video art

Inside Stories

Rutu Modan’s devastating, understated comics

Cultural Evolution

What exactly is “post-Jewish” art?

Centrifugal Force

Unraveling the art of Sigalit Landau

Exquisite Objects

The diverse work of four Israeli jewelers

Out in the Open

In her fifties, a Hasidic Londoner becomes an artist

Introduction to Marc Chagall

The Reanimator

Omer Fast

Not a Pretty Sight

The transformative art of Tamy Ben-Tor

Clash of the Titans

The art-critic battle that turned Pollock, de Kooning, and others into superstars

Family Guy

The domestic fantasies of Guy Ben-Ner

Into the Interior

How William Steig’s inner turmoil changed him

“Paint it Jewish!”

What does “Diasporist” art look like? R.B. Kitaj tried to show us.

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