Spin City

A visit to a Hong Kong dreidel manufacturer

Geek Out!

Rating the iPhone menorah apps

Pounds of Flesh

Weighing in on the intersection of body image and prose

The Irritable Man

Why Harlan Ellison’s personality overshadows his classic science fiction

The Inciter

What happens when a German provocateur turns to the subject of love?

Inherit the Windbags

Why projects like the Creation Museum induce religious stupor and cripple imaginations

Word Choice

How Hebrew was (and continues to be) transformed into a modern language

By a Thread

Designer Levi Okunov straddles two worlds: the religious and the fabulous

The Cranes Are Flying

Searching for birds in a changed Israel

Master of the Orgasm

A fresh look at the laughingstock of psychoanalysis

Chaos Theory

Giving lessons in Hebrew nuance to a bunch of suits from Hollywood

Hearing Voices

Daniel Smith explores the history of the phenomenon—from the Bible to his father

Summer Lovin’

Reminiscences of sleepaway camp, where sleep was the last thing on anyone’s mind

Strangers on the Sofa

Hosting out of towners having abortions is the most direct, intimate mitzvah I’ve ever had the privilege to perform

Winter Camp

Five days, 2,000 participants, and countless pints of Guinness in the English countryside: An American reports from Limmud.

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