Just Plain Super

Two books scratch too hard at superheroes’ identities

Portrait of a Lost Town

Through words and images, Mayer Kirshenblatt brings to life the Polish town he left in 1934

The Open Hand

Ronen Kadushin’s latest venture may revolutionize the design world

Memory Trip

Rachel Lichtenstein takes us on a tour of forgotten places along London’s Brick Lane

The Right Questions

German conceptual artists find provocative ways to confront the Holocaust

Portrait of an Artist

How Chagall—”the little Jew from Vitebsk”—became an art star

American Mystic

Hyman Bloom rose to fame, and fell into obscurity, with his eerie paintings of rabbis, ghosts, and demons

Anatomically Correct

Otto Dix unveiled the chaotic face of Weimar Germany

A Stitch in Time

Seamstress Esther Nisenthal Krinitz used the tools of her trade to capture the horrors of war

Cheever Country

Why do Alex Katz’s elegant canvases strike critics as the ultimate in WASP art?

Art Star

How Edith Gregor Halpert made the modern gallery

The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit

How Parisian decorator Jean-Michel Frank redefined the look of luxury

Busting Stereotypes and All That

In search of the ultimate in Jewish art

Alef Is for Arachnid

Oded Ezer’s typographical metamorphoses

Sincerity Now!

Maus, Tom and Jerry, and the dawning of a new age

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