The Law Won

Hope that love could bend the rules of kosher observance only went so far

Meat Up

David Sax celebrates the wonders of rolled beef, tongue, and other deli treats

Spicing Things Up

Israeli food makes a splash in Dubai

There’s the Rub

A new restaurant prompts a writer to rethink his Jewishness

An Acquired Taste

A toast to Cel-Ray, the one and only celery soda

American As Apple Pie

Tracing the bagel from its humble origins to its berry-tomato-poppy ominpresence

Land of Plenty

Dining out in Israel with food aficionado Janna Gur

Eli Miller’s Seltzer Delivery Service

In Brooklyn’s best bubbly, I found a link to my borough’s storied past

Bubbling Over

The many meanings of seltzer, from thirst quencher to missile decoy

Gertel’s Last Stand

After 90 years, a Lower East Side institution shuts its doors

Purple Haze

Taking a plunge into kosher wines

Spoils of War

Importing dates, Iraqi-style

Baptism by Fryer

A misbegotten first attempt at making sufganiyot

Trip to Bountiful

Sensory overload kicks in on a tour through a kosher food convention

Table Talk

Cooking with Claudia Roden

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