K’tonton Time

The vintage children’s book about a Jewish Tom Thumb still speaks to today’s kids

The End

Finishing the Torah cycle, like finishing a scary children’s book, provides a much-needed sense of accomplishment

The Grave Outdoors

To the neurotic urban parent, Sukkot might as well be called Booths of Death

Hunger Games

How a current best-seller gets Yom Kippur shockingly right

Recycling Time

Rosh Hashanah, a reminder of the cyclical nature of Jewish life, provides good lessons for parenting

In With the In Crowd

‘Inclusive’ education—when special-needs students share classrooms with other students—benefits all kids

Eat, Pray, Love Your Brother

The Julia Roberts blockbuster—and the Elizabeth Gilbert memoir it’s based on—get the prayer part all wrong

Dog Days

A hot day in Tel Aviv, a bored child, and a discussion of the Commandments

Short and Sweet

A new book defends the height-challenged and teaches kids about the misuse of science

The Suburb Not Taken

City or subdivision: Where’s the best place to raise kids?


Rethinking the traditions of tish and bedeken for a progressive, egalitarian wedding

Camp for Everyone

The blessings of Jewish camps for special-needs kids

Shanah Tovah! – Apples and Honey by the Macaroons

Home Again

The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook: Back from Summer Camp Edition!

Shatnez Shock

Pondering one of the Torah’s woolliest rules

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