Dance Fever

How a vintage Israeli pop song became an international summer camp sensation

Hearing Voices

When a writer sits down to work, a cacophony of personalities sits down with him

Camp, Then and Now

Three decades, two very different trunks

Private Practice

A group of intermarried Jewish women gather for Shabbat but pack away their identities


Why I don’t read mommyblogs

Fathers and Sons

Reflections on a vexed relationship

Pomp and Happenstance

A graduation speech for the kindergarten set

Summer Fling

A crossword puzzle for the month of Tamuz

Butt of the Joke

Why do my kids laugh at poop?

A Dog’s Life

Chased by a chocolate lab, guilt, and memories of mother

Return to Never Never Land

Continuing the conversation on kids and Israel


My husband, a convert, is more observant than I am

Never Never Land

I can’t talk to my kids about Israel

Having It Both Ways

When secular and religious worlds collide, which should win?

Hello, Wilbur

If we love adorable animals in children’s books, are we ethically obliged to raise our kids vegetarian?

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