Character Flaw

Fagin’s dearest companions have been villains and thieves. This time Roman Polanski makes him a victim.

A Novel Ending

Liev Schreiber pulls a switch on Everything Is Illuminated

Geek Love

Todd Solondz’s latest bestiary of the dispossessed

The Buddy System

A critic tries to sink Ben Stiller, and Owen Wilson comes to his rescue.

Same Old Stories

Tired headlines set the scene for Eytan Fox’s Walk on Water

Once Again

An Argentinian filmmaker sets his lens on home

Parent Trap

Better embarrassing than inflexible

Suburban Picaresque

Zach Braff traces a jagged line from New Jersey to Harold and Maude

Mommie Dearest

Russia may torment Pavel Lounguine, but the filmmaker can’t help himself. He keeps returning to explore their messy relationship.

Wide Angles

After training a sensitive lens on Hasidism, Menachem Daum rotated the camera, exposing his Orthodox sons to the humanity of others

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